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Here is a comprehensive update from the #dontgo movement:

Fence Sitters??

posted: 06 Aug 2008 08:04 PM CDT

If you are involved with OPERATION PANSIE Let Me Know WHO You Are Mailing To!!!

These Politicians are not yet decided, email upadaria@yahoo.com (Bill Collier) if you know they OPPOSE or SUPPORT having a vote NOW on energy or if you know of a fence sitter:

J. Randy Forbes (VA)

Operation Expose the Pansies

Posted: 06 Aug 2008 07:25 PM CDT

pansiesAre you sick and tired of your do nothing Congress? You’re not alone. And with your help, we want to let Representatives across the country know about it.

Welcome to #dontgo Operation Expose the Pansies

Here is what we need to do.

1) Check Your Rep’s Position
You can view our list of Representatives who are supporting the Drill Now action. If your representative is not on the list, then it’s time to call him/her out on it and urge them to join our position.

Party is NOT relevant on this.

2) Find the Flowers
Second, find pansies (the flowers). You might be able to find them at a local grocery store, flower shop, or even fake ones at hobby or craft stores. You can also order them via Flowers.com or any other online flower shipping store.

3) Contact Friends, Bloggers and Media
Let everyone, including local media, bloggers and radio shows know that you and your friends will be visiting the office of your Rep this Friday (August 8th) to hand deliver pansies with a note demanding they get back in session and vote on the energy bill.

4) Deliver the Pansies
Take a camera and get pictures and video footage. If the Rep is in the office (not likely) ask to speak with him/her. If not, leave the Pansies and note for him/her. If they are not present be sure to document that the Representative was not available, and likely not in session either.

5) Contact Friends, Bloggers, Media, and www.dontgomovement.com
Let everyone know what you did and include stories and pictures. We will compile everything here and provide a section to follow the events as they unfold.

Together we can keep the mimentum high on #dontgo, and ensure that Congress knows we’re fed up with inaction.

Expose the Pansies and Demand Action!

Pelosi Speaks on Energy

Posted: 06 Aug 2008 03:35 PM CDT

Speaker Pelosi spoke about energy today during her webchat on Washington Post. During the chat, she was asked about the current energy crisis and why there is a lack of legislation.

Speaker Pelosi was quick to point out all the legislation pushed by her party, but completely failed to mention the American Energy Act and how she adjourned the House last week without allowing the Act to come to a vote. She also seemed quick to imply only support expanded drilling when in fact the American Energy Act calls for increased domestic production, conservation efforts, and research into alternate energy forms.

Contact Speaker Pelosi and remind her the American Energy Act is awaiting debate and a vote on the Hill if she will only call the House back in session. You can call the Speaker’s office in Washington at (202) 225-0100, but don’t expect to speak with the Speaker. She isn’t there.


Posted: 06 Aug 2008 01:35 PM CDT

Politicans who OPPOSE Voting NOW On Energy!

Posted: 06 Aug 2008 11:45 AM CDT

Here are the politicians who are, presently, opposing a holding an up or down vote, which entails calling on Nancy Pelosi to reconvene the House, on a comprehensive energy plan that involves oil, nuclear, wind, solar, and other solutions (an “everything we can do” plan) with their contact information:

Nancy Pelosu with her constituents...
Contact Information

Congressmen Eliot Engel (NY)

Engel’s approach (from his website)
Congressman Eliot Engel introduced the Greenhouse Gas Accountability Act of 2007, an essential first step in a comprehensive policy to combat climate change.

Rep. Engel said, “ To construct a comprehensive, economy-wide global warming policy, we have to know what we are currently emitting, who is emitting it, and data on where in the economy it makes sense to regulate. A comprehensive registry will give us all the data we need to craft future legislation and intelligently decided how to allocate credits in a cap and trade system.”

Jay Islsi (WA)

What he says:
“Just because we’re looking at next year to enact a cap-and-trade system, we can’t throw our hands in the air and stand idle this year as the planet cooks,” said Inslee, who was a sponsor of the event as a member of the House Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus. “Congress can and should pass these common-sense measures this fall to show our commitment to establishing energy security and addressing climate change.”

Neil Abercrombie (HI)
This guy is a “let’s conserve” (”None of the Above Energy Plan”) kind of guy, and his website offers NO contact information!

He did cosponsor a compromise bill to allow drilling, but he also voted to adjourn the House and if you review his website makes no mention of any support for returning to session to vote on Energy Reform.

Email me at upadaria@yahoo.com if your congressman or woman opposes voting NOW, up or down, for a comprehensive, “everything we can do NOW plan” or if you do not think their name belongs here…

Bill Collier

Beyond Rhetoric In The Energy Crisis

Posted: 06 Aug 2008 11:18 AM CDT

Beyond Rhetoric In The Energy Crisis
William R Collier Jr.
The American Communicator

I love rhetoric, and don’t get me wrong, it has its place, but is it possible to be strong, uncompromising, and yet have a factual presentation that will win people over to your point of view?
I believe it is.

Of course when “the other side” uses invective and rhetoric, which is almost always inaccurate (to the say the least) that has to be countered but we must remember a few things:

1. we are dealing with human beings, who are complicated creatures with a diversity of motives, some of which are self contradictory

2. most of our elected officials are not greedy so and so’s: many of them are decent people who WANT to do the right thing, and we need to both praise the people who do good and expose the people who behave badly

3. not every issue needs to treated like it is “the most important ever”: this is like the parent or teacher who always yells about everything and stops being taken seriously

The FACT is the people participating in the “Texas Tea Party” are motivated not by some desire to do a “stunt” as our opponents dismissively say, they are and have been genuinely impassioned about this issue and they feel, as many of us do, that Nancy Pelosi and the Majority leadership are not playing “fair.”

It is easy to say “but so and so did this also in the past.” Some may say that when the Democrats were in the minority the Republicans did not “play fair” and whether this is true or not, or to what degree this is true, that is not relevant to here and now. We are not accountable for what other people did in the past, only for what we are doing now.

In the Batman Begins movie (forget exact title) Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend says “you are not who you think you are deep down inside, you are what you do.”

Presently the media and the pundits who oppose drilling and embrace global warming as an article of faith are what they are doing: they can say they are “fair” all they want, but when they blithely dismiss real concerns and real, heartfelt opposition to their plans, when they refuse to even allow a fair hearing and a straight up or down vote, and when they wildly accuse US of being in the employ or pay of “Big Oil” (which, sadly, we are not: we make no money and receive none), then they are trying to use rhetoric instead of being mature, decent citizens in a free society who can “agree to disagree” civilly and who are happy to give all ideas a fair hearing and a fair vote.

I am all for rhetoric, if you have read any of my opinion pieces you can see that, but as one thoughtful respondent noted, people want more than rhetoric, even rhetoric on OUR side, people want facts and up to date news that is not being well covered elsewhere or that may not even be available.

The other side may choose the “same old, same old” but we have the power and the ability to win this argument by skillfully countering the rhetorical attacks and at the same time forcefully, intelligently, and consistently presenting the cold hard facts in a manner that makes sense to most people.

Do you want to pay $10 per gallon of gas or $1.50 to $2.00? Ask yourself this, as our opponents makes their rhetorical claims without even consulting a single fact: will a comprehensive approach that is an “everything we can possibly do” plan work better than an “everything BUT this or that plan”?

Now, ask yourself this: should all ideas, even those you may not agree with, have a fair hearing and a fair vote and are those who BLOCK a fair hearing and fair vote being anything but UNFAIR themselves?

If we take this same approach to many other issues we arrive at common sense solutions, we demand that ideas prove themselves logically, and we demand that those who claim to be the “free press” give them a fair hearing and those who claim to be running an open and ethical congress to give them a fair vote. There is no excuse or justification for not doing these things and what these people do defines who they are.

Bill Collier can be reached at upadaria@yahoo.com

Represenatatives Who SUPPORT “Comprehensive Energy Reform”

Posted: 06 Aug 2008 10:32 AM CDT

Let Elected Officials Know: We Want Drilling NOW!

You can find information on how to contact pretty much any Federal politician here:


Here are a few of the Representatives who are participating (email me at Upadaria@yahoo.com if I missed anyone)

John Culberson (TX)
Dan Burton (IN)
Eric Cantor (VA)
Marsha Blackburn (MS)
Lynn Westmoreland (GA)
Mike Pence (IN)
J. Gresham Barrett (SC)
Tom Price (GA)
Tom Cole (OK)
Marilyn Musgrave (CO)
Frank Wolf (VA)
Donald Manzullo (IL)
Wally Herger (CA)
Phil Gingrey (GA)
Ron Lewis (KY)
Jim Jordan (OH)
Mike Conaway (TX)
John Kline (MN)
Mike Turner (OH)
Steve King (IA)
Peter Roskam (IL)
Rob Wittman (VA)
Jeb Hensarling (TX)
Tim Walberg (MI)
Louie Ghomert (TX)
Duncan Hunter (CA)
Mark Kirk (IL)
Todd Platts (PA)
John Carter (TX)
Jim McCrery (LA)
Mac Thornberry (TX)
Cliff Stearns (FL)
Rob Bishop (UT)
John Boehner (OH)
Roy Blunt (MO)
Kevin Brady (TX)
Scott Garret (NJ)
Kay Granger (TX)
Pete Hoekstra (MI)
Ron Lewis (KY)
Devin Nunes (CA)
Shadegg (AZ)
Chris Shays (CT)
Jean Schmidt (OH)
John Shadegg (AZ)
Pete Sessions (TX)
Rob Bishop (UT)
Michele Bachmann (MN)
John Sullivan (OK)
Adam Putnam (FL)
Michael Burgess M.D. (TX)
Bob Goodlatte

You might want to contact them and encourage them to keep up the good fight, especially if they represent you.

When you contact you representatives, senator, or the President, be respectful, don’t use rhetoric or invective like “you are a pig if you don’t come!” Remind them that you are a voter, that this issue matters to you, and that irrespective of party, you want them to support drilling here and drilling now ALONG with all the other energy solutions, including solar, wins, nuclear, and etc. by coming back into session NOW.

Keep coming back here for updates as we build a database of Congressmen and Senators with their positions, participation, and contact information.

I will be emailing as many reps. as I can on their stance on this issue, if you have feedback, email me at Upadaria@yahoo.com and I will make sure to include it.

The Best Civics Lesson in Washington

Posted: 06 Aug 2008 09:06 AM CDT


Americans of all political stripes have a rare opportunity to observe history firsthand as Republicans continue to speak on the House floor about U.S. energy policy. Regardless of where you stand politically or on the energy debate specifically, this is your opportunity to sit on the House floor and watch this debate unfold with your own eyes.

The C-SPAN cameras may be turned off and the chamber’s lights may be dimmed, but that hasn’t stopped hundreds (if not thousands) of American citizens from watching the debate on the floor already. You, too, can take part. Here are three simple steps to get on the House floor.

1. Call your member of Congress (find a list here) or the Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121).
2. Tell your congressman that you want to visit the House floor to see the action. Regardless of political party, your member should accommodate you. (You cannot bring bags, cameras, video equipment or mobile phones on the floor.)
3. If for some reason your member of Congress is unwilling to help, you should call the Republican Whip’s Office at 202-225-0197.

As it currently stands today, Republicans are planning to continue this debate for the rest of the month, so even if you can’t make it to Washington this week, there should be an opportunity to visit the House floor later in August.

-Submitted by Rob Bluey of the Heritage Foundation

Congressman Denny Rehberg Joins Twitter

Posted: 06 Aug 2008 08:19 AM CDT

Denny Rehberg

The #dontgo movement accomplished many things in its first week of action. Many of which we’ll be talking about during the month of August. But today I want to point out one thing specifically… the fact that the GOP Congress has begun embracing Twitter and other social media tools.

This morning I was informed that Congressman Denny Rehberg has stepped in to the #dontgo movement via Twitter, joining six other Representatives in using Twitter for collaborative politics.

Congressman John Culberson got all of this started back when he ignited a Congressional firestorm over his use of Twitter on the House floor. Since then, more and more Republicans are seeing the light and beginning to open up a channel of online dialog with those of us looking to interact.

It’s very refreshing to say the least, and I hope to see more Representatives join in on the action.

You can also catch Rep. Dan Burton, Leader Boehner, Rep. Eric Cantor, Rep. Pete Hoekstra and Rep. Rob Wittman.

Eric Odom

To Everything There is a Season….

Posted: 06 Aug 2008 07:15 AM CDT

A time to keep silent and a time to speak; Ecclesiastes 3:1-7 Written by one whom many consider the wisest person to have ever lived. Having experience all things Solomon ultimately reveals that there is only one thing that matters to all of mankind, but that is for another blog.

Now is the time for thanks. Thanks Eric and The Crew for putting yourselves out there and giving the people an opportunity to be heard. Thanks for your time. Thanks for your energy Thanks for your hearts.

This would be my inaugural post. I hope to enlighten, encourage, embolden and enrage (maybe not all at once). I am an ordinary unschooled man. I am a self taught scholar who relies on life’s experiences and teachings, my own and those of whom I’ve studied.

Today there is at least one thing I need to post about. Obama’s Lack of leadership ability as seen here
BHO does not display any sense of leadership or control over this situation. Allowing an unknown person to dictate the tone and tenor of your speech is ridiculous. Some have said this was a plant. If it was then from whom? If it was a plant from the McCain team then good they have exposed just how easy it is to manipulate this guy. If the Obama team put him there then why? Then it should certainly backfire. BHO proves he is a spineless jellyfish. He goes wherever the currents take him.

For this McCain should demand a “no holds barred” debate. No moderators, questions or journalists, just one-on-one. They could draw lots to see who speaks first. Force them speak to speak to each other, opposing each other, physically on stage. I am guessing Obama would NEVER agree. Or I should say his handlers would never let him.

There is an opportunity here. Barack Hussein Obama has risen so high and will fall to Earth with a great thud. He is full of pride and arrogance. Maybe he has forgotten who has put him where he is today (corrupt Chicago interests) Now is the time to challenge him. Now is the time to push. Now is the time to attack him where he is weak. He will be exposed. He can be humiliated

For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. Eccl 12:14