South Ossetia has a population of around 70,000. This came as a shock to me. How an area with a population of around the average parliamentary constituency can think it can rule itself completely independently  is beyond me, however that argument is for another day.

What is going on there is good news for John McCain, or at least it should be good news for his chances of being elected President of the United States of America. The American people are seeing once again (as if they didn’t need reminding) of the need to have a strong president in the White House. Russia (or more accurately Putin) is determined to go back to the glory days as sees it, of the Soviet Union. He has turned Russia into what is in effect a dictatorship. It must be clear to everyone now that Pres. Medvedev is just a puppet president, with Putin pulling the strings. Sen. McCain’s campaign must now remind voters that it is only him who has the experience to lead America. Sen. Obama may enjoy grandstanding around the world, but he is not likely to stand up to Russia and Iran and support Israel in the same way as John McCain.

– Andrew Allison

Cross posted at Andrew Allison – A Conservative View