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Yesterday – Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard spoke on Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox News, it was ‘Breaking News.’   He declared that Gen. Colin Powell, USA Ret. (and Former Secretary of State) was set to endorse Senator Barack Obama, and that he would speak at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Turns out…. Kristol got played by an Obama campaign staffer.And, in case you are into reading the tea leaves – here is Powell’s statement, where he blames Kristol – not the Obama campaign leak.

Powell’s response came via ABC News:

“I do not have time to waste on Bill Kristol’s musings, I am not going to the convention. I have made this clear.”

After telling ABC News by phone that he would not be going to the Democratic National Convention, Powell ended the conversation without entertaining any follow-up questions as to whether he would be crossing party lines to endorse Obama.

—Media Lizzy