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New FTC Rule Could Apply To Pelosi

Posted: 13 Aug 2008 09:14 PM CDT

FTC Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi and Pals Could Be Hoisted On Their Own Petard!

Under pressure from federal lawmakers concerned about high energy prices, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission proposed a rule prohibiting petroleum-market manipulation, giving the agency authority to levy fines of up to $1 million per violation a day.

Pelosi, who owns stock in CLNE, a company founded by T Boon Pickens and LIBERAL activist WR Hambrecht, stands to make MILLIONS on an $50,000 to $100,000 investment which may include anywhere from 3,000 to 22,000 shares, depending on the price she paid (we are efforting that now).

Here is a sense of perspective.

Current Price: $14.70
Open: $14.28
Previous Close: $14.27
Volume: 450,279
Market Cap: $632.13M

During the INITIAL offering, before the stock was offered in public, the stock was sold to a select group of investors for $3.86 per share, and this amounted to around 125,000 shares. Pelosi made her purchase on the day the stock was offered, which makes one suspicious that she was able to get the stock at the lower price. Her close ties to Hambrecht, a liberal activist who gives $80,000 per year to liberal causes, make one suspect that she had to have been in on the offering but we cannot prove this.

Here is what is irrefutable. The company is valued at $632 MILL but if it succeed in its Proposition 10 proposal for California, it would increase its value at least tenfold and if the Pickens Plan, which calls for hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, goes through its value could be increased a hundredfold! No matter how you slice it, Pelosi would WANT Proposition 10 AND the Pickens plan to succeed seeing as how she stands to gain $1 million to $10 million from the deal and for a woman who is “only” worth $25 million this is nothing to sneeze at.

Pelosi’s manipulation of the market is of a most decisive kind, she is using the excuse of “saving the planet” to refuse to allow the market, and not a central panning committee or government, to determine what kind of energy is produced where. Pelosi is using the power of the Speaker’s chair, using the rhetoric of a green warrior, but by all appearances she is acting as the handmaiden of the Pickens Plan for her own gain.

A lesson in ethics is a good thing:


Key References: Title 5–Administrative Personnel Chapter XVI–Office Of Government Ethics Part 2635–Standards Of Ethical Conduct For Employees Of The Executive Branch–Table of Contents Subpart A–General Provisions Sec. 2635.101; Employees’ Responsibilities under Executive Order 12674 (as amended).

• Place loyalty to the Constitution, the laws, and ethical principles above private gain.
• Act impartially to all groups, persons, and organizations.
• Give an honest effort in the performance of your duties.
• Protect and conserve Federal property.
• Disclose fraud, waste, and abuse, and corruption to appropriate authorities.
• Fulfill in good faith your obligations as citizens, and pay your Federal, State, and local taxes.
• Comply with all laws providing equal opportunity to all persons, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap.
• Use nonpublic information to benefit yourself or anyone else.
• Solicit or accept gifts from persons or parties that do business with or seek official action from DOD (unless permitted by an exception).
• Make unauthorized commitments or promises that bind the government.
• Use Federal property for unauthorized purposes.
• Take jobs or hold financial interests that conflict with your government responsibilities.
• Take actions that give the appearance that they are illegal or unethical.

William Collier
The American Communicator
Special to The #Dontgo Movement

#dontgo Movement Crashes Washington

Posted: 13 Aug 2008 06:01 PM CDT


That’s right… on October 1st, 2008, the #dontgo Movement web presence will convene in an offline environment to rally in Washington DC. This rally is being planned in celebration of the American Energy Freedom Day currently supported by a plethora of free-market groups and organizations.

The #dontgo Movement encourages each and everyone of you to join us on the hill at 10:00 AM as we rally in support of a free-market stance on drilling, and demand that Congress begin actually working for Americans rather than themselves.

It is strongly recommended that you make travel arrangements early on, and be sure to have signs prepared for the event. #dontgo Gear is available AT COST, and of course, you’ll want to arrive armed with Blackberry’s and iPhone’s ready to live tweet the rally.

We’ll have more information available towards the end of August, so please stay tuned for updates.

See you in Washington!
-Eric Odom

Why Georgia Matters

Posted: 13 Aug 2008 05:56 PM CDT

Why Georgia Matters (SNIPPET)

The WAR IN Georgia is all about oil and the next phase in that war may involve the Ukraine.

Israel’s Channel 2 featured Ehud Ya’ari, Muslim specialist, who told viewers that Russia and neighboring countries were seeking to control a strategic oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean. This pipeline passes through Azerbaijan and Georgia to Turkey and is the only pipeline between Asia and Europe that does not pass through Russia or Iran. Israel is expecting to receive oil and gas through the pipeline.

The Russian master plan, to upset the natives in Ossetia, was twofold: provoke a response from Georgia and then use that as a pretext in an effort to topple the government.


The heart of the matter… Communication and Accessibility

Posted: 13 Aug 2008 06:50 AM CDT

Direct Message

I was reading the various blogs I frequent this morning and ran across this article by DCH on Bearing Drift, from August 8th. As I was reading, it was obvious it was a report “from the floor” of the People’s House and a visit by the author there.

There have been several reports of this type throughout the blogosphere over the last couple of weeks. And I am glad to see them!!!

Someone, and I’m sorry I don’t remember whom, sent me a Twitter message the other day saying that the Republican Revival has drawn people in to politics, at least watching and discussing, those that in the past have shown no interest whatsoever.

I believe the same can be said for our Representatives. At least the ones on the floor during the recess. Those who have been content to “ride along” in the past are now energized and taking an active role in the leadership of this country.

DCH opined this:

The members I heard were obviously having fun with the audience. The lights were still off. The microphones were still off. There were no cameras. But, one after another, members of Congress were literally preaching to the crowd and, even after a long day, they were clearly enjoying the opportunity to take their message directly to the people. -=SOURCE=-

And there is the heart of the movement. “…they were clearly enjoying the opportunity to take their message directly to the people.”

This is the part of the process that I think had been lost. And it’s a two way street. In the past, the Representatives had positioned themselves in Washington, D. C. and largely forgot how they got there. In the process, the people didn’t feel they had a personal representative in Congress and therefore just sat back and let them do what they wanted, based on communication with the elite.

That all changed on August 1st, 2008.

When Representative John Culberson started using a Web 2.0 social networking and micro blogging site to communicate from the floor of the House.

Everyday people were directly connected to Congress. Congress was directly connected with everyday people. There was no more elitism.

And this charged and energized the members as they were getting positive feedback directly from their constituents. And the constituents were charged and energized as they were getting direct personal communication from their Representatives.

The principles of the #dontgo Movement did not start the movement. They simply gave it a name and a public facing front. Eric Odom, Allen Fuller and others have simply channeled the energy into a display that allows people, everyday people and Congress-people, to see what is happening in one spot.

This is truly a grassroots movement that feeds off the energy of communication. That communication is the key.

I would hope that if the members of Congress have learned nothing else from this incredible revival, that they have learned that frequent, concise, non-political communication with their constituents is one of the greatest tools available.

And equally, I would hope, that the people they represent have learned, that communicating with their members of Congress is critical to the process of leading this country.