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#dontgo Movement

#dontgo Action Center

Posted: 17 Aug 2008 01:31 PM CDT

The #dontgo Action Center is a full scale action suite being enabled by Three Group’s state of the art Mission Control software.


#dontgo @ Heading Right Radio

Posted: 17 Aug 2008 01:26 PM CDT

The #dontgo Movement would not be where it is today had it not been for the hard working independent online talk show hosts of Blog Talk Radio’s Heading Right Radio.

We’ll soon be adding show lists and host profiles here to help you follow all of the #dontgo talk on Heading Right Radio.

Listen to Heading Right Radio on internet talk radio

#dontgo @ Facebook

Posted: 17 Aug 2008 01:10 PM CDT

With 2,000 free-market activists and political junkies now signed on, the #dontgo Facebook Group is now a sizable force on Facebook.com.

Please join the #dontgo Facebook Group and invite your network to do the same.

From the Official Facebook Page:

We are forming a truly broadbased movement, and each one of you can do your part to achieve comprehensive energy reform, bring the people back into the House, and hold the Democratic leadership accountable.

Here are three things you can do today to help continue the push for comprehensive energy reform, greater House openness, and true Republican leadership.

1. Call Speaker Pelosi at (202) 225-0100 as well as your US Representative and ask that they return to work and approve the American Energy Act. The American Energy Act is an ‘all of the above’ solution that not only includes solar, wind and efficiency provisions, but domestic drilling and expanded use of safe and emissions-free nuclear power. You can learn more about the American Energy Act at http://www.gop.gov/energy/americanenergyact

2. Sign up for Twitter and start recieving the Dontgomovement feed. You can sign up for Twitter at www.twitter.com, search for dontgomovement , and click on ‘Follow’ under the pound sign. You’ll be able to recieve updates spam free. There is a thread on the Facebook group for people who wish to answer or ask questions about using Twitter and feeds.

3. Get involved with the effort to attract citizens into the House chamber for the phantom sessions. Americans are upset about Congressional inaction and high gas prices, and we need to make sure they get to the House chamber to interact with members during the sessions. If there is a huge crowd gathering outside the House every day to take part in the phantom session, it will be a news story in itself. Join the conversation on the ‘Open House’ thread on the Facebook group.

Be sure to follow http://www.dontgomovement.com and Rock the House for continuing developments tomorrow.

Get Involved and Lead
Invite All of Your Friends
Keep the Momentum Going

NB: This group was founded by conservative activists, not by the House GOP. Unless it comes from Rep. Boehner, nothing sent or posted by an admin should be construed to come from GOP leadership.

#dontgo @ Slatecard

Posted: 17 Aug 2008 12:35 PM CDT

The #dontgo movement has sparked the Revolution we had been waiting and hoping for. Bloggers are blogging. Citizens are getting engaged. Leaders are emerging. You, me, we, us — have come together to make a difference.

And it’s working.

Signing petitions is one important way to help. Another way is to harness this energy and make a real difference by supporting the #dontgo Movement’s Slatecard of Congressional candidates with a financial contribution. These Republicans are both incumbents and challengers working hard to help lower energy prices in Washington and in their districts. They need the money and are making us proud.

By using Slatecard to make a $1, $2 or even $5 contribution to each candidate on this card we will be able to raise thousands of dollars collectively. (You can even make the donation recur automatically monthly through November.)

Imagine if 30,000 people donate $1 to every candidate on this Slatecard and then gave each candidate the “#dontgo Movement” issue badge. Our message — this Movement — will make a huge impact. The candidates will know EXACTLY why we support them.

But this movement goes beyond this website. You can also spread the word and increase your impact by adding this widget to your website (two different sizes) by grabbing the code. And email your friends — ask them to make a contribution.

The time is now. Please consider making a contribution today.

(About Slatecard)

I co-founded Slatecard with Sendhil Panchadsaram in October 2007 as a utility to support and enhance Republican activism. It is a tool for Republican candidates, causes, and the Slatecard community. Anyone can create a Slatecard of the candidates they support and those donations are tracked in real-time on the site.

Slatecard is the Right’s successful counter to the Left’s ActBlue. In ActBlue’s first election cycle (2004), they raised less than $1 million. We have set a goal to beat that amount and have raised nearly $500,000 to date. To see the buzz about Slatecard, check out our del.icio.us feed of news clips.

Honesty and transparency matter. By making a contribution through Slatecard, 96.05% of your contribution will go directly to the candidate’s campaign committee. Our 3.95% processing fee is the lowest in the market.

Slatecard is a volunteer effort. We rely on donations from the community to pay for software, fees associated with processing, hosting, etc. Thank you for your continued support.

#dontgo @ Twitter

Posted: 17 Aug 2008 12:31 PM CDT

Twitter is where the #dontgo Movement was born, and Twitter still plays a significant role in everything we do here at #dontgo.

Twitter, a micro-blogging/communication platform, is helping connect millions of people both online and offline. It’s free to use, and extremely easy to communicate with.

You can follow all of the #dontgo Twitter conversation on the official #dontgo Twitter Stream. You can also follow the user listed below, who frequently report on #dontgo activity.

Don’t Go Followers
Allen Fuller
Eric Odom
Jenn Sierra
Rep. John Culberson
Jacob Baime
Scott White
Rob Bluey
Jason Carini
Steve Dalton
Rep. Dan Burton
Garrett Graff
Katie Harbarth
Steve Dogiakos
Ali Akbar
Bill Collier
Evan Lazer
David Almacy
Ethan Demme
Lennie Jarratt
Mr Hawk
Abby Alger
Lady Logician
Nikki Star
Adam Schmidt
Craig Kuhns
Flip Pidot

Should you be on this list? Leave a comment and we’ll add you. (lefties do not apply)

#dontgo @ Stumble

Posted: 17 Aug 2008 12:25 PM CDT

Unlike Digg, Stumble Upon uses common sense in decided what content is hot between its genuine users.

Stumble Upon is very easy to set up, install, and use. Once you have Stumble Upon running on your browser (preferably Firefox), you’ll see a thumbs up and a thumbs down. Simply vote up or down any pages that you like or dislike while surfing the web.

Stumble Upon has a great user community, and the tool can help you find content that is hot to thousands of other users at any given time.

Please help #dontgo by Stumbling any #dontgo related content you come across.

Set up or view your Stumble Upon account here.

#dontgo @ Digg

Posted: 17 Aug 2008 12:06 PM CDT

The anti-free market crowd controls the content at Digg, so the chances of #dontgo related content hitting the front page of Digg are limited. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to at least submit #dontgo related articles as you come across them while surfing the web.

Digg, for those who are not familiar, is a site that was originally intended to be a “crowd-powered” news site. The idea was that users submit content, and the community decides which stories make it to the homepage. The problem, however, is that Digg has implemented a “bury” feature that essentually allows those who do not want free speech to reign on the Digg pages to shoot down any content they might disagree with, even if the story has plenty of votes to make it to the front page.

That, plus the fact that Digg has admitted to having moderators who manually review a lot of the stories being voted on makes Digg an anti Democratic style news site.

But when a site can send tens of thousands of visitors to any given URL, you simply cannot write it off as irrelevant.

Things to keep in mind when you come across interesting #dontgo stories…

Check out Digg.com and get an account here.

#dontgo @ Google

Posted: 17 Aug 2008 11:43 AM CDT

#dontgo has the perfect set up for those who use iGoogle or Google blog search.

If you use iGoogle, you’ll know that you can create personalized RSS readers and information boxes. #dontgo Movement has two different RSS feeds you can use to help follow #dontgo news and updates.

1) The Main Feed
This feed is for those who might not want to follow each and every blog post, but want to stay in the loop as far as featured content.

2) #dontgo Blog Feed
The #dontgo Blog feed is in place to help you follow anything and everything that we post to the site. It uses an RSS feed from our new and improved #dontgo Blog.

You can also sift through all #dontgo related blog posts on the web by using Google Blog Search. Click here for the results for #dontgo.

#dontgo @ Technorati

Posted: 17 Aug 2008 11:02 AM CDT

There are several ways you can connect up with the #dontgo Movement on Technorati.

The easiest and most common use of Technorati is the search function, which allows you to sift through any and all blogs that mention the #dontgo keywords.

You can view a Technorati search for #dontgo by clicking here.

You can also help bring strength to the #dontgo Movement’s Technorati profile by making the blog a favorite on your own Technorati profile. To do this, visit the #dontgo Movement’s page on Technorati, and then click the “favorite” button.

ANWR & The Case for Drilling

Posted: 17 Aug 2008 10:05 AM CDT


ANWR = Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Our good friends over at Porter County Politics have published a group of pictures that are sure to infuriate anyone who opposes common sense in the drilling for oil in ANWR debate.

The post rightfully points out the fact that, unlike what many would argue, the ANWR area is very small compared to many other areas where we explore for oil. In fact, ANWR respresents only 2,000 acres out of 19,000,000!

The post gets even better as you scroll down. You’ll find solid evidence that pictures often times published by ANWR drilling opposition do not in any way actually depict the ANWR coastal plains. Included are shots of the ANWR coastal plains, as well as Google maps images of the area.

And to poke a little at the absurd argument that drilling would disrupt the wildlife in the area, you’ll see pictures of wildlife around another drilling area that are perfectly happy coexisting with environment friendly drilling platforms.

The bottom line is that drilling in ANWR doesn’t harm the environment, isn’t cutting into any “pristine” area, and doesn’t disrupt the wildlife.

I highly recommend you check out the post.

Eric Odom