For years… Democrats criticized the Bush-Cheney model for election.  During 2000, there were cries for gravitas.  Experience.  Even a DC Insider to join then Governor George W. Bush’s team – and make him more electable.

Barack Obama has heard those same cries. He began as an anti-War, anti-Patriot Act, anti-Bush Democrat.  This week, he acknowledged the success of the surge in front of the VFW convention.  Why?  He can’t trash the service of Beau Biden, the son of his running mate.  This summer, Obama voted for the FISA bill that includes domestic surveillance and retroactive immunity for telecom companies that assisted the Feds after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  As for being anti-Bush, Barack Obama’s language on that count has dissolved into obsequious praise for Laura Bush.  Around the time First Daughter Jenna Bush was married by Kirbyjon Caldwell, who supports Barack Obama… the softening began. Even Michelle Obama has heaped praise on the First Family.

Obama cried out for a timetable in Iraq.  Condi Rice is in the process of negotiating a Status of Forces Agreement with a firm timetable – with US Forces leaving in 2011, helping Obama to undermine McCain.  Neither President Bush, nor Secretary of State Condi Rice has stepped out to declare Mission Accomplished in Iraq — even though, that is clearly the case — and it would NEVER have been possible without Senator John McCain’s shaming of W and advocacy for the Surge.

Republicans and Democrats will be angered by my stance here.  But let me remind you that political players are all too human, and occasionally Machiavellian.

Senator John McCain’s career has been marked by a service, devotion to Country, honor, family, solving problems by taking the lead on tough issues, and a healthy skepticism of party leadership – and their motivations.  All of this separates him from the conventional wisdom but it also deepens his appeal to average Americans that are tired of politics as usual.  John McCain is the real change agent in this election – because he will put America First.

—Media Lizzy