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Pelosi made profits in 1 year, “FactCheck” covers for her?

Posted: 22 Aug 2008 06:28 AM CDT

I am William Collier, the guy Fact Check’s mothers must have warned them about! Apparently FACT CHECK is in the business of debunking FACTS with their own MYTHS, not telling the truth!

Look here and here to see how much she profits: she (ostensibly in hubby’s name) buys CLNE stock for between $50k and $100k on the DAY it is offered as IPO and then earns $101,000 to $250,000 on the same stock which she (in hubby’s name) still owns. This means she did not SELL the stock, she made MONEY off of it: we do not know if it was a dividend or what.

This is the SPIN FactCheck tried on for size:

Is Nancy Pelosi heavily invested in T. Boone Pickens’ alternative energy company?

No, but her husband bought stock in Clean Energy Fuels Corp. last year. It amounted to a tiny fraction of the couple’s assets.

Look up “Pelosi heavily invested in CLNE” or look up “Pelosi backs prop 10?, ….crickets… these people have debunked something that was never said in order to cover up what is factual and damming: Pelosi made money on CLNE, possibly 100% profit in one year (unheard of) and has used all of of her power in a most unreasonable way to prevent a vote on dilling, which would obviously effect the Pickens Plan, because he wants public money for windmills, so he can get Texas Water, so he can sell natural gas…

The article goes on to say that this investment is only .3% of the couples value, which is anywhere from $35 mill to $156 mill. (how can you have such a wide estimate?).

So, because Pelosi is filthy rich and a meager $50-$100k is a drop in the bucket, despite the fact that the earning from this boondoggle were nigh unto 5% to 10% of their income.

Also, that earned up to 10% of her family’s total annual income, a not insignificant amount of income.

Factcheck.org has “pretended” it has debunked the following myths, stating that they have spoken to Nancy P. (interesting, she speaks to these people from the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, and not to the press), but they NEVER contacted me, the original writer, or Jason Gillman, the one who originally uncovered this factoid..

myth one: they say that the investment was not substantial… nobody claimed that it was…..

myth two: they say Nancy P. never publicly advocated for proposition 10, never asking if she supported it or would publicly not support it, but in reality nobody said she did, they said that CLNE invested millions to get this passed.

There are questions, serious questions!

1. Did Nancy or hubby buy the stock at market price or in the pre-offering and how did they know about the pre offering of the stock?

2. Why is the “Media”, including FOX, closing ranks around this?

3. Why are the Republicans on capital hill, fighting for energy freedom, not demanding answers?

4. Why would fact check have access to Nancy P. when she is not available to media about this, and use pretended statements nobody made to try to “prove” that we are not being factual and who is The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, who backs them, do they receive public money to back partisan causes?

This is the beginning of his article:

In a recent article on FactCheck, there is a grossly contorted attempt of brush off in regards to The Other One, Nancy Pelosi, and her involvement with T Boone Pickens. You know. The guy that says to drill everywhere including ANWR but the Libocrats seem to cherry pick that. I know. SOP. Personal and professional integrity seems to be thrown to the winds – no pun intended.

The reports from Open Secrets reveals interesting information that seems to have been overlooked. Whether that was intentional or not is up to interpretation. Did I just say that? The reports reveal that SP (the spouse) did the actual buying of the stock in the Pickens venture and the disclaimer that the purchase “amounted to a tiny fraction of the couple’s assets”. Talk about breezing right by the freeway turn off, clueless as to where one will wind up! The point is that “the family” more than doubled the “modest investment” in one years’ time in an energy related company within a country which just so happens to be in a National Security Crisis at the moment in regards to energy. THAT is the point and there isn’t anyone that can convince me that Nancy doesn’t or didn’t know anything about it. After all, she had to fill in the reports and then sign them, correct?

NOTE: SNOOPER pulled up the statements we are using here…

Today a swarm of blogivists and BTR heroes, the REAL media, are going to get new marching order, not from little old me per se, but from the call of necessity: what is Nancy P. up to, what is T Boone Pickens up to, who are the Annenberg people who pretend that they are the LORDS of what is or is not factual?


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