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When Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama unveiled Joe Biden as his running mate, the buzz for weeks had been Tim Kaine or Evan Bayh had closed the deal.  On Heading Right with Media Lizzy, I warned folks.  It is often one of the names you don’t see.  Why?  Because that person needs a few days to rehearse, to get the names of staff readied for the Secret Service, plan the events, get the advance teams in place, talk issues and strategy; get integrated into the ticket – and get ready for the campaign.  Talk to the family, organize the kids, get life organized.

I was pretty confident about Joe Biden once the Russia v. Georgia conflict occurred, he dropped off the radar – went to Georgia.  And was silent on his return.

Expect the McCain process to be similar.  Missing from the official program, released by the GOP Convention, earlier today are a few names worth noting. Rob Portman, Colin Powell (trial balloon to stick a fork in arrogant Obama staff’s eye), and Eric Cantor.

From The Hill:

Rep. Eric Cantor (Va.), rumored to be on the shortlist of John McCain’s vice presidential candidates, is conspicuously absent from a complete list of speakers at the Republican National Convention.

The list, sent to reporters under the header “Republican National Convention Announces Full Program,” includes the names of all other individuals believed to be on Sen. McCain’s (Ariz.) shortlist.

Cantor was asked earlier this month to undergo the formal vetting process by the McCain campaign and served as one of his most vocal supporters in the House of Representatives.

From my AOL Political Machine colleague, Caleb Howe, who was lucky enough to speak with Eric Cantor earlier today:

I suggested that the week is full of the glamour of Senator Obama’s celebrity. He laughed and remarked that the Republican Convention next week will probably have its share of pomp and circumstance. I’m sure it will, although I’ll note without the American Idol-ready stage. You’re probably engrossed with the idea, like I am, that we might be treated to a 3AM text message that reads “CANTOR” in the next week or so. The Congressman thought that was pretty funny. Hey, he didn’t say we wouldn’t right?

Cantor is a short-lister for a reason. Just as we saw with the Democrats, wooing Virginia will be an important move this election cycle; And Cantor is popular with the base and grassroots. His being here in Denver is a good move for the McCain campaign. News organizations of course relish pulling in the opposition, and Republican voters will enjoy his rapid response to the Dean attack machine. Eric Cantor may be behind enemy lines, but he seems well-armed. After all, isn’t that what a floor fight is all about?

Updated: UPI report on Eric Cantor

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—Media Lizzy