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Barack Obama is not ready to lead his own party, let alone hold the awesome responsibility of President.  Often, the position is referred to as ‘Leader of the Free World.’  The President must be a competent manager with a clear, bold vision.  While “change” sounds good, the fact remains that on January 20, 2009 – change is coming.  President Bush will return to Texas and the next president will assume the mantle of leadership.

Institutional knowledge matters.  Tackling the Middle East Peace Process requires more knowledge than a three week trip as a college kid to Pakistan.  It requires real knowledge. Relationships with the key leaders in the Middle East.  And a willingness to broker a resolution – without interfering in the natural dialogue between countries.  The next president needs gravitas.  You can’t farm out foreign policy to staff.  (Ahem, George and Condi and Dick)

The critical issues we face today require solid leadership, not pretty words and dreams.  America needs a solid leader to set our compass and guide our nation to our best days.  John McCain is that man.  He will surround himself with folks like potential running mate Eric Cantor, who can inform him not only of the facts on the ground as President McCain makes his assessment, but an understanding of the human toll as well.  (Cantor lost a cousin in a suicide bombing perpetrated by Islamic Jihad in Tel Aviv)

—Media Lizzy