Developing…. profile on Sarah Palin will be up shortly.  On the matter of US Rep. Eric Cantor, I would like to say a couple of things:

Speaker Cantor sounds very good.  However, I would have much preferred him on the ticket. Cantor is a good man and a solid, consistent conservative.  He understands the issues and has a depth of experience that screams “Presidential.”

That said, Sarah Palin brings Executive experience to the ticket. She’s 44, a mother of five – and her youngest is afflicted with Down Syndrome.   She will talk about energy, education, Special Ed, and real governance.  Unfortunately, there is also a legislative investigation of Palin’s actions regarding the firing of her former brother-in-law. For that reason, I would have much preferred Cantor. But on corruption, Barack Obama has far more troubling problems.  And Palin is very appealing to the base of the GOP for her positions on Life, the Second Amendment, and energy.

The first woman on the REPUBLICAN major party ticket, in the same year as the first African-American ticket, says a great deal about the country I love.  Barack Obama keeps telling us everything that is wrong with our country. John McCain keeps telling us that our best days are ahead.

I support McCain-Palin, with my whole heart.

—Media Lizzy