You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but John McCain – or at least his team – have proved that an old dog has many tricks up his sleeve already. The choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate is a masterstroke.

Until yesterday, I had never heard of her. In fact the two things that sprung to mind about Alaska was that is  cold and it has oil. Since then, everything I have read and seen on the TV about her makes me like her more. This is someone who took on corruption in her own party and run against the Republican Governor in a primary. She went on to win the primary and got herself elected Governor. She currently has an approval rating in her own state of around 80%. She is someone who is fearless and gets the job done.

When all the Democrats do is mention that the former mayor of a town of 9000 people hopes to become VP of the United States, I know they are clutching at straws. Let’s face it, she has more executive experience running a small town, than Barack Obama has, period; and Obama is running at the top of the ticket.

John McCain is going to go to Washington with a reforming mandate, with a fine reforming conservative as his Vice President. She will not only take on the Democrats, she will take on Republicans too; as her record as Governor of Alaska has shown.

Britain elected its first – and only – woman prime minister in 1979. Margaret Thatcher didn’t get the job because she was a woman; in many ways she got elected in spite of being a woman. As she proved, she was the ‘best man’ for the job. That is how you elect people in to positions power. If America elects its first black President on November 4, it will be historic, but you do not elect, or allow yourself to be badgered into electing someone, on the grounds of sex or race. Barack Obama likes to give fine speeches and grandstand his way around the world, but when it comes to substance and experience, he is sorely lacking. This is why he should not become the next president. Sarah Palin has experience – albeit limited – and her track record proves she has substance. Being Vice President will be a steep learning curve for her, but she relishes challenges and will not shy away at this one.

Today I have no doubt that the American people will elect a Republican President this November.

Andrew Allison

Crossposted at Andrew Allison – A Conservative View