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Alright, ladies and gentlemen.  I am finally excited about 2008 in a way I never dreamed imaginable.  Senator John McCain has given the Republican party a fresh cool drink from the Gen X pool.  After a very long leadership dry spell, our thirst is quenched.  Country First indeed.

Senator John McCain’s choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin demonstrates a keen insight.  She is every woman.  Let’s set aside the issues for just a moment.  Let’s just think about our society and pop culture – then ponder how this former mayor and mother of five will win the hearts of America.

I am 36. Gold Star Wife. Mother of one.  It has not always been easy but it has always been an honor.  I am a very fortunate woman, have a wonderful daughter, a lovely and rewarding career, a great extended family that I love, and my urban family – collected in my political journeys around the country – in Atlanta, Denver, Salt Lake, Los Angeles, New York, and especially the handful of folks from Richmond who enrich my life daily.  Every political consultant and every candidate begins building those relationships on day one.  Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska, her friends and admirers are numerous.

In conservative circles, the great news of a solid political soulmate travels fast.  You can bet that Governor Sarah Palin has her own political family – look at the record $4 million raised overnight when she was announced as McCain’s running mate.  This woman is not a newbie.  She will spend some time with Steve Schmidt to get up to speed.  But when she meets Joe Biden, Obama’s running mate, for the Vice Presidential Debate in — I promise she will be ready.  She might not be the long winded  Washington insider, but she darn sure knows how to balance the family budget.  She stood up to corruption – and won’t be afraid to point out to Biden that many of his colleagues skirt the law.

The spectacular decision of John McCain to choose Alaska’s first term Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate brings it home.  America is OUR nation.  All of us.  We are all equal.  Sarah Palin may not be a Washington insider, but she’s made far more difficult decisions than whether or not to vote “present” when something real is at stake. You can’t vote “present” when you are a Governor.  You can’t vote “present” when you are a mayor.  You can’t vote “present” when a corrupt party leadership deserves a direct challenge. You can’t vote “present” when the doctor tells you your unborn child has Down Syndrome. That is a life or death decision, and Sarah Palin chose LIFE.

America was built by a few mavericks.  We are a unique people.  And our Representative Republic should just that: representative of We the People.  With McCain’s choice of Governor Sarah Palin – it will be.

—Media Lizzy