Excerpts from the governor’s remarks, as prepared for delivery, are below.

On his friend, John McCain:

“I speak to you about a warrior who has sometimes stood alone … and always shown the way … in fighting for the most vulnerable of our citizens, for the country he so dearly loves and for the founding principles we all so deeply cherish.”

On John McCain as a leader:

“Where some people see adversity, John McCain accepts a challenge. Where some people see a crisis, John McCain creates an opportunity. Where some people see defeat, John McCain insists on victory. John knows – the purpose of elections is not merely to win. You run to win… but you win to govern.”

On John McCain’s readiness to be president and commander-in-chief:

“I am so very proud to say, ‘That is my friend, John McCain.’ The next president of the United States. The next commander-in-chief. Ready to lead. Ready to serve. Ready to deliver.”