I have just posted this on my blog. Thanks to Lizzy for giving me the Iron Lady idea. The more I think about it, the more I can see the connection.

Andrew Allison

I have just been watching some of the speeches from the Republican National Convention last night.

The speech of of the night and the speech everyone is talking about came from Gov. Sarah Palin. I could see something of the Iron Lady in her. Just as Margaret Thatcher wiped the floor with her critics and had to endure snide remarks like ‘she’s only a grocer’s daughter from Grantham’, Sarah Palin took on her critics and she wiped the floor with them too.

The Liberal elite, with their noses high in the air, forget that it is the American people who elect a president. It isn’t focus groups. It isn’t readers of the New York Times. It isn’t millionaires who attend fund raising parties for Hillary Clinton. It is the American people and they are the very same people the liberals are attacking when they attack Sarah Palin.

Margaret Thatcher was told that she could not take on the unions and win. We all know what happened. She was told she could not administer the harsh medicine that was needed to return the British economy into one of the most successful in the world and retain the confidence of the British people. She did administer that medicine and she was returned to power.

Sarah Palin is being told she will fail in Washington. After all, she doesn’t really fit in there.  She fought for the governorship of Alaska  on a mandate for change. She won.  She took on the vested interests head on and won. Come this January, there will be quite a few people in Washington with vested interests who will rue the day they ever crossed swords with her.

I think Ladies and Gentlemen – as Donal Blaney wrote earlier – we may be looking at the first female President of the United States. An Iron Lady? You bet!