Excerpts from Mrs. McCain’s remarks, as prepared for delivery, are below.

On Americans’ duty to their country:
“That duty is what brings me before you tonight. And it’s much larger and more important than just me or John or any of us: It’s the work of this great country calling us together – and there is no greater duty than that, no more essential task for our generation — right now.”

On John McCain’s character:
“It’s going to take someone of unusual strength and character – someone exactly like my husband – to lead us through the reefs and currents that lie ahead. I know John. You can trust his hand at the wheel.”

On John McCain leading by example:
“Forgiveness is not just a personal issue: it’s why John led the effort to normalize relations with Vietnam retrieve the remains of our MIAs… to bring closure to both sides. That’s leadership – national leadership. And it’s leading by example.”

Personal reflections on John McCain:
“If Americans want straight talk and the plain truth they should take a good close look at John McCain…a man tested and true…who’s never wavered in his devotion to our country…a man who’s served in Washington without ever becoming a Washington insider…who always speaks the truth no matter what the cost…a man of judgment and character…a loyal and loving and true husband and a magnificent father!”