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XCel Center

XCel Center

Well, you haven’t heard much from me in the last two weeks as I’ve been off in the Twin Cities at the 2008 GOP Convention. This cycle, I served as the California Delegation Media Director, and with help from my friend and mentor MediaLizzy, this Convention was a great success.

Now that I’m back on the ground in glamorous Hollywood and not living in a 24 hour McCain news-cycle, I thought I’d pen some thoughts about the Convention and the experience as a whole. As you well know, this convention was fraught with some crazy twists and turns, which meant I had to be on my toes at all times. My delegation just happend to be the largest (173 Delegates, 170 Alternates, 343 guests, 100 donors & VIPs, 95 credentialed press & 40 staff = 921 people).

I’m thinking about writing a separate entry for all of the different pieces of the Convention, there are a few things I really want to highlight, and the most important is this – mainstream media (MSM) will be, for the first time, completely relegated to a supplementary station in this election.

Many of us have read of the all-out assault that the MSM has launched on Sarah Palin. Those first few days were absolutely crushing. Living in McCain-land, I was somewhat sheltered by it, but after talking to my colleagues across the country and watching the newsclips, it was clear that there was no way the liberal forces in the MSM were going to tollerate Palin.

Who knew the backlash. I don’t know exactly how many of our readers here may have seen or heard of this, but during Palin’s speech on Wednesday night, she made a reference to her treatment by the MSM. The speech stopped and delegates/alternates litterally got out of their chairs, turned 180 degrees, looked up at the media skyboxes & camera-men and started chanting “Shame on you! Shame on you!” while pounding their fists into the air! I saw one network camera man who was at a camera on stage right peek out from his camera and look visibily scared. The energy was so amazing, and at that moment you could tell that the Republican Party was going to take its proverbial gloves off.

And we did. As the MSM pushed harder on their criticism of Palin’s family values and leadership style, we (the Convention media staff) pushed back harder, throwing on our afterburners and going overboard preparing our delegation and staff for the onslaught of questions.

Being someone who is relatively new to the media world, I will emphatically say this – the era of big-network or “old-school” media is dead. There are just too many avenues for the average American voter to get the news unfiltered. The overpaid, blathering newshosts like Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman will just not be able to continue to filter their “take” on the events and use the networks as their mouthpiece to disseminate their liberal bias.

Anybody who knows me understands clearly that I’m not a big Republican Party “kool-aid” drinker, but I litterally sat on the convention floor, watched the proceedings and speaches, then watched the coverage later and was ASTOUNDED at the sheer bias that was being presented.

MSM – sit up and take note. You can either join in on the digital revoulution or get left behind.

More convention updates later…