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Happy Monday all,
After pulling an all-nighter to get caught up on some work in advance of my quick 2 1/2 day jaunt to Washington, DC, I stumbled over this article penned by former Democrat CA Assembly Speaker & former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.
For those of you not familiar with the ex-Mayor, he is an absolute example of a “lefty McLeft” entrenched “San Francisco liberal.” This dude didn’t see a tax hike or entitlement that he didn’t like.
That said, he pens an absolutely fantastic analysis of the important impact that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has made to this election.
I have to give him Kudos for being real, versus regurgitating the same old Obama Kool-Aid. As a fellow African American man (I’m not black, but Willie Brown and Barak Obama are) in Democrat circles, its almost heresy to speak anything other than total adoration and admiration of Cesar…err…Barak Obama. But Brown’s most important contribution to the debate is the following line:

Palin has become an instant heroine with the Wal-Mart crowd in Ohio, Nevada, Pennsylvania and other critical states. And Wal-Marters are a lot more likely to volunteer or show up at the polls than the younger people Obama has attracted.

If you haven’t looked at the Politico’s report on the 5 Reasons McCain has pulled ahead, you should read it ASAP and look at #2 – why Independant voters are moving in droves towards McCain.

More later this afternoon…happy hunting everyone!