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Get real Obama.  We are a pretty literate country.  We are perfectly capable of verifying facts.

—Media Lizzy


Barack Obama too has been supportive of reducing tax cuts for businesses.

The Facts About John McCain’s Record:

John McCain Will Reduce Taxes On All American Businesses

John McCain Will Reduce The Federal Corporate Tax Rate To 25 Percent From 35 Percent. ” A lower corporate tax rate is essential to keeping good jobs in the United States. America was once a low-tax business environment, but as our trade partners lowered their rates, America failed to keep pace. We now have the second highest corporate tax rate in the world, making America a less attractive place for companies to do business. American workers deserve the chance to make fine products here and sell them around the globe.” (John McCain 2008 Official Website, “Jobs For America,” http://www.johnmccain.com/Issues/JobsforAmerica/taxes.htm, Accessed 8/3/08)

· Columbus Dispatch: John McCain Has “Proposed [A] Cut In The Corporate Tax Rate For All U.S. Companies.” “McCain’s economic plan includes a proposed cut in the corporate tax rate for all U.S. companies, not just oil companies.” (Jonathan Riskind, “Campaign Ad Watch,” The Columbus Dispatch, 8/2/08)

The Facts About Barack Obama’s Record:

Barack Obama Said That He Too Supports Cutting Taxes For Corporations

In An Interview With The Wall Street Journal, Barack Obama Said That He Was Considering Lowering Corporate Taxes. “Sen. Barack Obama shed new light on his economic plans for the country, saying he would rely on a heavy dose of government spending to spur growth, use the tax code to narrow the widening gap between winners and losers in the U.S. economy, and possibly back a reduction in corporate tax rates. … Sen. Obama’s nod to lowering corporate taxes comes as Republicans have been attacking him for proposals that would raise the cost of doing business, such as his pledge to raise the tax rate on capital gains, and his vow to increase the top income-tax rates, which are often used by small, unincorporated enterprises. He didn’t say how deeply he would cut the rate, but said it could be trimmed in return for reducing corporate tax breaks, simplifying the tax system.” (Bob Davis and Amy Chozick, “Obama Plans Spending Boost, Possible Cut In Business Tax,” The Wall Street Journal, 6/17/08)

Obama Economic Policy Director Jason Furman: “[Barack Obama] Would Like To Cut The Corporate Tax Rate, And It’s A Question That We’re Studying.” “Here are two things you don’t often hear mentioned in the same sentence: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and a lower corporate tax rate. But it appears the Illinois senator is at least considering such a measure. ‘He would like to cut the corporate tax rate, and it’s a question that we’re studying,’ Jason Furman, Obama’s director of economic policy, told Forbes.com in an interview this week. Obama’s Republican rival, Arizona Sen. John McCain, proposes to lower the maximum corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% (see: ‘McCain And The Economy’). Obama hasn’t made such a pledge, and Furman won’t say by how much or when Obama might slash corporate tax rates. But if it does happen, Furman says, ‘It’ll be much better for the economy and much better for businesses than what John McCain has proposed.'” (Brian Wingfield, “Obama’s Taxing Policies,” Forbes.com, 7/31/08)