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At the very gracious invitation of my favorite progressive, Maegan Carberry – I will be will liveblogging via Twitter for the folks at Citizen Sugar:

Well, after a few days of up-in-the-air-edness, it’s finally here: the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain at the University of Mississippi. It starts at 9 p.m. (EDT) and there are so many ways to mark the occasion. We’ll be here during the whole debate commenting in this thread, please join us, we’re dying to know what you’re thinking!

Now that the official head-to-head discourse is starting, maybe you’ll want to see just how what they say to each other stacks up against the promises they’ve made so far this campaign. This tool from the National Journal is outstanding — you can search promises from each candidate by subject — keep it handy while you watch!

Tons of you mentioned . . . games of a drinking nature — we found a few pretty funny ones from Wonkette and Radar, and Comedy Central if you’re so inclined to enjoy said debate with an adult beverage.

We’ll be posting our full reactions to the debate afterward, and we haven’t made up our minds as to just who won — yet. Our radio friends Maegan Carberry and Lizzy Blackney are twittering during the debate, and we’ll be checking back with them afterward to see what they thought.

So who’s with us? Who’s settling in for the big debate?

Catch me in real time…. HERE.