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Greetings everyone!

Think American Idol meets Crossfire meets March Madness!!!!  All week, my colleagues at BlogTalkRadio have been participating in our big adventure/partnership with Fox News Radio – The Battle of the Blog Talkers.

But tomorrow – THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9TH, 2008 AT 2:00PM Eastern – I will take the mic, and face off with one of my favorite Conservatives: Andrea Shea King.
Tune in to Fox News Radio – on XM, Sirius, or stream it live by clicking HERE!  Once the show is over, you can vote on the website – or text BATTLE to 41411 — Like John McCain and Barack Obama, I am asking for your VOTES!
—Media Lizzy
Elizabeth Blackney – Known to myriad Republicans as “Media Lizzy,”” Elizabeth is host of a BlogTalkRadio show of the same moniker, while also serving as managing editor for the network’s Heading Right station. A former communications strategist for incumbents and challengers for gubernatorial and statewide Constitutional office, seats in the U.S. Senate and the presidency, she now resides in Bend, Ore., where she blogs at Media Lizzy & Friends, and for Red County magazine’s national political blog.

Andrea Shea King – As host of BlogTalkRadio’s “Andrea Shea King Show,” Andrea takes a daily look at top U.S. and international news stories while promoting the concept of limited government – and keeping liberals in check. The Cape Canaveral, Fla., resident also contributes to World Net Daily and pens her opinions on The Radio Patriot blog.
Here is the official 411:
FOX News Radio, America’s fastest-growing news radio network, and Blo gTalkRadio, the world’s largest citizen broadcasting network, have partnered to bring listeners “Election 2008: Battle of the Blog Talkers.” Listen daily at 2:00 p.m. EDT.
Listeners of FOX News Radio’s “FOX Across America,” carried on FOXNewsRadio.com and Sirius XM Radio, will select their favorite BlogTalkRadio hosts from each side of the political spectrum during a weeklong, one-on-one tournament.
Hosted by Spencer Hughes, the FOX News Radio-BlogTalkRadio co-production gets under way one month prior to Election Day. In Round 1 of the battle, Hughes will moderate a debate between two bloggers from BlogTalkRadio’s Heading Left (liberal) station. Each blogger will have five minutes of uninterrupted time to respond to the same topic.

Presented by FOX News Talk Radio and BlogTalkRadio.com