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Senator Barack Obama, the uber-community organizer and Oak Tree of the radical left, is dropping little ACORNs all over the place. Yet, his campaign remains poised to best Senator John McCain in some critical states. Once unheard of, Howard Kurtz reports this morning that North Carolina, Ohio, Florida and even Virginia are tilting Obama’s way.

With the economy in crisis, McCain and Republicans are facing an uphill challenge. Character still counts – but folks will vote in what they believe is their own self-interest. Generic Dems almost always are seen as better on the economy – because the Left has been so successful in convincing average folks that Government will save you – from problems bad governance CAUSED. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Obama continues to tell us how being a Community Organizer transformed his life. The main stream press can focus only on the negative story of the day, never mind their ethical responsibility to cover ALL the issues facing us. From Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, and many other states according to The Washington Times.

The FBI has raided ACORN offices in Nevada. Investigations in Wisconsin, North Carolina, New Mexico, Michigan, Ohio and Missouri are underway. Many of Obama’s fellow “community organizers” are emerging, like Tony Rezko before them, as very shady characters indeed.

Look, I believe voter registration is critical. The more the merrier. But… we should want REAL voters. Not lies, false registrations, and strong-arm Chicago style politicking to benefit one guy. Elections are about all Americans, coming together to do what we believe is in the best interests of our nation. I want Obama and McCain supporters to both be fired up. But Obama’s supporters fervor for their man has led to a massive breakdown in ethics. Ethics, character, integrity matter far more than any promise of magic solutions from the government.

Fair or not, you are judged by the company you keep. And so shall Obama and McCain be.  VOTE in the AOL Hot Seat POLL!

—Media Lizzy