Happy Thursday all,

Well, leave it to the Republican Party in California to make fools of all of us.

Let me start of with a few things. Firstly, I’m a 28 year old voter and political consultant here in California. I have my BA in Politics and my Masters of Public Policy. When I speak, it’s in a tone-neutral format. I don’t engage in ad hominem personal attacks. I look at things from different perspectives and I don’t judge others on their values and how that contributes to their political ideas. I respect others and expect others to reciprocate. I don’t engage others who can’t handle that level of decorum.

So out here in California, some of the Republicans out in the sticks have decided to get down and dirty. Evidently, the Sacramento County Republican Party put up some picture on their website advocating for waterboarding treatment for Barak Obama…and out in San Bernardino County, a GOP women’s group had a newsletter that had an ad with a picture of Obama on food stamps, chowing down on fried chicken and kool-aid.

I am not an elitest, but if  this is what we’re using to tear down Senator Obama, then we deserve to lose. There are HUNDREDS of reasons why an Obama Administration would be detrimental to America…these kind of low-blows do nothing but reinforce the notion to the liberal elitest left that we  can’t engage in civil conversation about issues in America.

I’m too smart to stoop to the lowest common denominator…and I know most Republicans are too.

Links are here and here.

– OxyChaz