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Sure, I expect some hate mail. Some BS about “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” and other invectives.  I expect all the usual attacks.  But here is the thing, we live in a wonderful country.  We all get to vote.  We get to look at the facts and make an assessment.

I am voting for John McCain.  You can vote for whomever you like.  Barack Obama, to me, is just another John Kerry-esque Liberal politician.  So much so that I looked at a couple of their quotes.  Remarkably similar.

Kerry accused American soldiers of “…randomly shot at civilians, razed villages…”

Obama said American soldiers in Afghanistan are “…just air raiding villages and killing civilians…”

That language, in or out of context, reveals something about their opinion of our Armed Forces.  Barack Obama wants to be the next Commander in Chief – and I don’t believe he has the temperament, nor the ability, to set aside party dogma to properly command troops.

That is why I put this web video together:

—Media Lizzy