I have said here before, where is John McCain? Why isn’t he fighting more? Why isn’t he taking on Obama in a very combative way? Why isn’t he showing leadership?
Today, may be a turning point in this election, which has had so many twists and turns so far, we are all feeling dizzy. I have just watched John McCain give a great speech in Ohio. He is fighting as if his life depends on it, which he has to, as a Republican has never won the race to the White House, without winning the electoral college votes from Ohio. It was a speech full of energy. His body language was positive. He stated his vision. He gave the reasons why Obama’s policies would not work and why his policies would work. This was the John McCain I have long admired.
I have predicted a possible Obama landslide victory, unless McCain pulls something out of the hat. This election may still be a surprise. If McCain continues to make more speeches like this one, showing his grit, determination and his will to win, perhaps the voters will see at last they do have an alternative to Barack Obama.
Andrew Allison