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Hello all,

We’re in the final 48 hours of this election! Woo hoo! I’ve been deployed to the battlegroundstate of Nevada and will be reporting on activities here and the west coast for the final push.

Senator McCain will be here in Vegas at a rally tonight, and Gov. Palin in Reno tonight…I’m working on tickets for the McCain rally here. 

The Nevada landscape is crazy – not only is this a battleground state for McCain, one of the most high profile Congressional races this cycle between Rep. Jon Porter and NV State Sen. Dina Titus is going down for the Nevada 3rd CD (Summerlin, Henderson, Boulder City areas). This is big race with big consequences – Porter is rumored to be the man who will challenge Senator Harry Reid next cycle – Reid’s negatives are sky-high for the senior senator and majority leader – look for a Daschle-esqe knockout. Isn’t it funny how quickly unpopular Senate Democratic leaders are and how upstarts can knock them out with the right candidate? We’ll see if Porter can retain his seat in Congress.

I’m primarily here to help out my very dear friends who are leading the Porter race as well as the State Legislative Republican Caucus, so I’ll be focusing in on helping them refine their plans for the last 48 hours…and keeping them sane.