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For the record… when the polls close tonight, I will be thrilled.  Win or lose, it’s game over.  In the event of a recount – I hope that voter fraud and voter suppression are looked at in a real way.  They should be anyway.  I highly recommend folks contact the Secretary if State in the 15 states where ACORN is under investigation – just to inquire if you’ve been registered to vote in some place where you should not be.

In any case, after the election is over… I will be taking some much needed time off.  Time for love, family, life, and the mundane. Occasionally, I will drop a missive in here – but Charles & the fellas will be around to keep you informed.

On election day, I will host my show as per the usual – and Siggy from SC&A will be with me.  After the polls close, I will join my most favorite Progressive – the lovely & gracious Maegan Carberry on Wilshire & Washington after the polls close. (about 10pm Pacific)

Please VOTE!  And here’s what is on repeat in my iPod:

love this song.  all about it.

—Media Lizzy