Hello all,

I’m taking a few moments away from the campaign to pen a few observations and thoughts going on here on the ground in Las Vegas. As you know, Nevada is a battleground state and with two beachheads established in Las Vegas and Reno – and things are just going nuts. GOTV opperations are in full force right now…and here is where we are

– We’ve got paid walkers & volunteers making calls and doing walks this morning, last minute pushes for McCain and state legislative races

– California FedEx’d in thousands of callsheets that are being input into the system for the calls they’ve made, letting volunteers on the west coast focus in on undecided voters and ensuring people are making it to the pools ASAP.

– Voter intimidation is high – the “thugocracy” of the Obama campaign is absolutely in effect. Reports of Obama supporters physically accosting voters are flooding in.

– Tonight the Victory Party is at the Palazzo Hotel (part of the Venetian) on the Strip. I’ll be there watching results.

We don’t have exit polling yesterday. While the results are not what I’d like, Karl Rove has his electoral map…take a look.

Long story short – McCain MUST win ALL of his battleground states. If Obama takes just one or two, he wins.


More to come…