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You have to admit… this is extremely funny.

VF Daily has received advance drafts of concession speeches written by Senator John McCain himself that were, for various reasons, rejected by his staff. Here are three that didn’t make the cut, with their titles:

Black-Comedian Indignation

Now, what kind of fucked-up bullshit is this?! A P.O.W. hero with almost 30 years of Senate experience and a history of reaching across the aisle gets his electoral-college ass handed to him in a country supposedly split down the middle like Tim Hardaway’s killer crossover? Oh, hell no. Here’s how you know this election was fucked for me from the start: Karl Rove said I went too far. When Karl motherfucking Rove says you’ve gone too far, that’s like Malcolm saying, “Brother, the whole Black Power thing may be a little much.”