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A million thanks to my favorite progressive Maegan Carberry for asking me to join her in penning a piece for The Huffington Post.  We took a tough look at the election results, and one thing is clear: The GOP must join in the Blogosphere.

Here is a taste:

Criticisms that the left-wing online media machine was leading a disheveled, revenue-challenged MSM in a pro-Obama agenda have some validity, but one could also attribute the (arguable) slant to the fact that conservatives just completely missed this opportunity. Despite promising efforts to harness the energy issue by the “Don’t Go” movement early in the Fall, when House Republicans led by Eric Cantor and John Shaddegg embraced their first Twitter hashtag. #dontgo, the Republican presence during the heart of this election season was meager at best — save the successful (if unconstitutional) “Yes on 8” campaign against Gay marriage in California. The conservative movement was determined to punish John McCain personally, and the McCain campaign message did not match the promise of his highly interactive website.

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—Media Lizzy