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Happy Monday all,

Well, as we imagined, this weekend was FULL of conversation in the GOP world about rebuilding. What we need to change, what we need to keep, what stays…who goes…the whole 9-yards.

I find it extremely entertaining to look at some of the material that’s out there showing Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin speaking to the Republican Governors Assn.

Oh please.

This is the same crowd singing the same line. Sarah says that they lost because of the status quo? Then why are we using the same people with the same ‘ole strategies (hate the gays, kick out the illegals, slash federal spending) to put us BACK on track? I’m glad Roy Blunt is stepping down as whip, but it’s not like John Boehner did a good job himself, yet he’s sticking around. Tom Davis is out at the NRCC, thank the LORD that John Ensign is stepping down at the NRSC, although he’s another hack in a string of lame chairs of the NRSC. Sen. Mitch McConnell has a bulls-eye on his back – he barely won reelection himself, and now there are some rumors out there that the gay outter-blogger Mike Rogers is starting to dig up dirt on Mitch…let’s see if there’s any story there.

It’s time to get this part out of the hands of the dysfunctional few who have more skeletons in their closet and liabilities in their quiver than sharp arrows of ideas that will help get this Party back on track!!