A little caveat language before I get down to business. First, this is a PG-13 post.  And second, while I respect cops and firefighters for their selfless service very much… I prefer the men in our Armed Forces.As do many of my girlfriends – especially the ones married to a man in uniform.

The only uniform I really get “switched on” about is one in a heap at the end of a bed.

There isn’t a politician alive who possesses enough power to ever be sexier than a Military Man, or if I get my choice… my Navy man. And… if that man is Intel or Special Forces, bring the entwined shadows.

Switched on only hints at the eroticism exuded by these very naughty boys.

Ladies who appear in the fantasies of our male colleagues seldom date those boys.  Our careers are simply too important. Men often win the staff war… and so after a day of designing ads, mail and writing stirring speeches or chatting with donors… we need a man who is not the slightest bit intimidated by us, or our famous candidate and the Bald General Consultant who is deeply sexy but married.

Enter the sexiest of Americans. After World War II, there was a baby boom. This was no accident. A man in uniform, or who wore the uniform appears in many fantasies… from the most innocent to the deeply risque. Men who work in Intel, recon and extraction or any of those covert or provisional commands, or a dangerous AOR… few women are able to resist. Many of us wish to surrender completely.  A Military Man… well… they know to negotiate a surrender.

Few words are needed.

Welcome home. Thank you for defending freedom and life as we know it. Kiss me. Touch me. Consume me.

God Bless America.  Seriously.

— Media Lizzy