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Hello all,

I’ll give you a day off from a gay diatribe to move into an issue of more importance and extreme bewilderment.

What is up with the pirates?

I mean – COME ON! It’s 2008!!! I know that the “high seas” can sometimes be a bit perilous, but really – the United States and Russia have enough nuclear weapons to destroy this entire plant several times over, but we can’t catch a few bands of marauders in zodiacs zooming around the Indian Ocean with machine guns?

Not that this is entirely America’s responsibility here, but don’t we have people, say – like the freakin’ Marines or Navy Seals who are, oh, specifically trained to do assault activities at sea to take out people who these types of things?

This is just stupid – just take these high-seas terrorists out! Jeez!

Happy freakin’ Tuesday…welcome to 2008. I watch the news and think I’m on the Disney ride “Pirates of the Caribbean.”