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Hello all,

A few hours ago, I received a comical e-mail from our esteemed chairman of the RNC, Mike Duncan. Republican “leaders” from across the nation Republicans nationwide hailing the victory of Senator Saxby Chambiliss’ reelection efforts. The most entertaining line reads “this victory is also the first step in our efforts to rebuild our Party from the grassroots up.” Excuse me? The massive screw-ups at the NRSC resulted in this mess to begin with – this should NOT have been a contested race to begin with.

As usual, the leadership of the Republican Party is completely clueless in terms of trying to figure out how to proceed from here. The Georgia race was a hangover from November – everybody knows that.

There are two main issues that the Party needs to deal with moving forward:
1.) How to refashion the Party to be successful in the future
2.) How to act as the minority in the upcoming Obama Administration.

Issue 1 is a long discussion.

Issue 2? Well, I’d suggest reading an article that Fred Barnes wrote for the Weekly Standard titled “Put on a Happy Face: The Republican Challenge”. Take a look.

One thing is for sure – Republicans are going to have to learn how to work with the Democrats in the White House and in leadership in Congress – and it’s just not being cooperative – it’s getting something done too. As Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) says, “We’ve got to be happy warriors. We’ve got to stop being the angry white guy party.”

I, for one, am going to put on my viking helmet and slap on a smile.