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Hello all,

For any of you Democrats or political junkies out there, I wish you the best of luck securing your inaugural tickets for President-Elect Obama’s ceremony. While Mr. Obama deserves his celebration, I hope Democrats realize that all eyes will be on them – that pictures and stories of over the top and super extravagant parties during this period of economic distress will do little more than cement the already rapidly growing speculation that the much celebrated element of “change” will be anything but.

I saw this article this morning on Washington Post about Virginia businessman and philanthropist Earl Stafford’s purchase of a $1 million “build-a-ball” package offered by the J.W. Marriott in DC. If I was an adviser to the Obama Transition Committee, I’d hope that a visit by Mr. & Mrs. Obama to this event would be placed high on the consideration list. Stafford will be hosting a “ball for the disadvantaged.”

Having been part of inaugural fundraising in the past and knowing the kind of celebrations that go on, I hope Obama will honor his campaign commitment to be the voice for the unrepresented, disenfranchised and disadvantaged.

And that’s a ‘dern nice hotel too!