This is the first installment in a three part series.

In Mumbai, a terrorist attack unfolded that created a firestorm of debate. Sanitized media coverage, led by the New York Times, obscured facts and minimized known facts about the situation on the ground.  In a hail of gunfire at least 172 people were killed in cold blood, hundreds more were injured. Much like an Al Qa’ida operation, the spectacle included multiple sites – a lot of gore – and a PR roll out. Some friendly islamic extremists noted the murderers were targeting British and Americans and other foreigners. Of course, we now know they also targeted Jews.  A couple of the murderers visited the Nariman House, a Chabad center led by Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivkah.

What happened at Nariman House was different than the attacks on the Taj hotel, the Oberoi Hotel, the railway station, the hospitals, and Cafe Leopold. In those locations, the carnage was rather obvious. Indiscriminate butchery of fellow human beings. More than 100 of the dead were Indian. Certainly, some must have been muslim. But, because the publicly stated goal was the murder or Brits and Americans – it was characterized as a “political” mass killing, rather than the truth. Once again, violent men driven by their interpretation of Islam struck out with hate and homicidal intent.

The flames at the Taj hotel were the focus. Gunmen loose in the hotel. The death toll was updated, over and over. In the United States, only CNN carried breaking news coverage consistently. Fox News covered it but failed to do any in depth reporting until the latest Islam-driven terror attack was fading from the front page. Several days into the crisis Fox News finally reported one of the targets, the Nariman House, was a Jewish Chabad center. The murderers took several hostages, having targeted the site more than a year in advance – even visiting the center in the days before the attacks, under the auspices of needing humanitarian assistance from the Chabad leader, Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife.

The Holtzbergs modesty and generosity was widely known. But, they were only prey to their anti-Semitic killers. Unlike the victims in other locations, Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife Rivkah were bound and tortured in front of each other before they were murdered. Some reports stated that is appeared the Rabbi was able to wrap his wife in a prayer shawl before he succumbed to his wounds. Let there be no doubt, they were targeted for their ethnicity and their faith as enemies of Islam. In a city of 19 million people, the Islamic killers had a lot of options where to point their guns. They chose the Chabad center knowingly.

Holistic healer and ‘philosopher’ Deepak Chopra opined on CNN this week that the ‘war on terrorism,’ the Iraq war, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and American foreign policy in general are responsible for the Mumbai attacks. Along with his daughter Mallika of (where I am a contributor) and son Gotham, Deepak Chopra sparred in an uncharacteristally visceral way with columnist Dorothy Rabinowitz. It was stunning.

Chopra on Larry King Live: You know, there’s 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. That’s 25 percent of the population of the world. It’s the fastest-growing religion in the world. We cannot, if we do not appease and actually recruit the help of this Muslim world, we’re going to have a problem on our hands.

To be clear, there was no “OM” about the dialogue. No words of healing, none of the hushed sweetness Chopra normally speaks with. Instead, a much more organic voice sprang forth. One, I suspect, Mr. Chopra stifled from public view while charging the $4175 per person for his “SynchroDestiny” workshops that feature a few minutes of his time – and Ayurvedic vegetarian meals. I find it fascinating Mr. Chopra is comfortable trashing the USA, when it is the throngs of unsuspecting housewives and Oprah watchers – Americans all – that have lined his pockets. It is America’s free market that gave him the opportunity to succeed after all. Our open borders. Our free will oriented system. Our belief, codified by law, that the “Individual” has rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Mr. Chopra’s wellness philosophy evaporated in the last ten days. It is truly a disappointment. He went from being a thoughtful man and deep thinker, to a man that embraces moral equivalence and then became a Jihad Apologist after the Mumbai attacks. He decided that a terrorist attack on Mumbai was something he would take personally, as that is his nation of origin. As well he should, he family suffered greatly when India and Pakistan became separate nations. (Notably, no one questions Pakistan’s right to anything, even though it became a nation around the same time the Israel did.)

Well, Mr. Chopra – let me break it down for you. Americans took 9/11 personally. Israelis took the Munich Massacre personally. Leon Klinghoffer’s family took his murder on the Achille Lauro personally. The families of American soldiers that died in The Mog (Mogadishu) took it personally that Usama bin Laden provided the weapons and ammunition for Mohammed Farah Aidid’s butchers during the infamous Black Hawk Down operations. The families of 241 US Marines took it personally when a truck bomb in Beirut killed them along with dozens of French soldiers. And on, and on, and on.

The Butchers of Islam operate in its name. They have been murderous thugs for 700 years, or more. The express goal is genocide – eliminating the existence of Jewish people and all infidels from the face of the earth. For a man so “enlightened,” many of us are disappointed in Deepak Chopra this week. His defense of Islamic terrorists is more than nonsensical, it is a betrayal of humanity. Given his family’s firsthand knowledge of terror so many generations ago, one would think the stories might have resonated in a bit more practical way. To regurgitate the ‘if only’ the West, and Jews, would do whatever Islamic Terrorists want… is a great insult. Justifying the murder of innocent men and women, of any faith or ethnicity, because there are 1.8 billion is horrific – because it provides permission to the moderates to do what Chopra says is the worst case scenario: become extremists.

Whose side is this guy on?

—Media Lizzy