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Happy Tuesday all,

Well, as we barrel through this week, it just keeps on getting better. I’m going to refrain from talking about the Blagojevich situation, although tempting. Man…Illinois just keeps producing “stellar” candidates these days. :-p

The future of the Republican Party, no surprise, way up in the air as our “leaders” try to figure out what they want to do. Everybody knows that the Party needs to chart a new course that is more inclusive (versus the Rovian style of exclusion to solidify the partisan fringes) and then learn how to effectively carry out and communicate that plan.

I am absolutely blown away when I read quotes like this and others from presumptive front-runner ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee,

I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the Constitution,” Huckabee told a Michigan audience on Monday. “But I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living god. And that’s what we need to do — to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards so it lines up with some contemporary view.” — Mike Huckabee, January 14, to a Michigan crowd

Translation: Toss out the Constitution, impose the Bible.

Really. And people really voted for this man to be leader of the free world.

GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele, who is one of the declared candidates for RNC Chairman, I think gets the lunacy of the mindset of Huckabee and other evangelicals in the Republican Party. I’ll give him the “I found my balls today” award for his recent appearance on the “The Brody File” on the Christian Broadcasting Network, where the “wingers” have been beating Steele over the head for being a Board Member & Co-Chair of Christie Todd Whitman’s Republican Leadership Council (mod-squad). You can watch the clip here. The transcript of the juicy parts are below,

“They have been beating me upside the head with it and let me give it to you straight on: Wake up people. I mean what are you going to do? Are you going to kick these folks [the moderates] out of the party? I have watched this party self disintegrate for the last four or five years. I’ve watched this party isolate itself from itself.”
“This may be a unique opportunity to build a relationship or a bridge between the conservatives and the moderates in our party and so she [ex-Gov. Whitman] asked me to serve on her board and I said well this will be good. It’ll be a pro-life conservative voice on a board with a pro-choice leadership that is looking to elect moderates. We have to elect moderates in the party.”

“I wasn’t saying, ‘well now I’m really a closet moderate and I can get to play with all the big boys.’ This is stupid. What I’m saying is lets build this relationship amongst ourselves because people are watching and there are a lot of people who would join us and be a party of our efforts who are pro-choice but they love our message on money; they love our value system on family values broadly speaking so then how do we cross appeal, how do we make ourselves relevant to the 21st century electorate which is clearly of a different mindset on a host of issues.”

I’m not going so far as to endorse Steele for RNC Chairman, but he obviously gets it, whereas the purists within the Party certainly do not. As a committed Christian and conservative Republican myself, I refuse to stand by and watch this Party turn into a theocracy as ex-Gov. Huckabee clearly advocates on the behalf of. We’ll see what happens, but it’s going to be a long next month as the RNC prepares to decide its fate.