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Hello all,

I hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday weekend. I’m lucky that my family lives here in LA, so all I have to do is hop across town for a few days. It’s nice that politically this is a quiet time of the year so that we may spend time with our loved ones, given that the last 8 months they haven’t seen much of me.

Well…that quiet came to an abrupt halt like a crashing cymbal this morning. I’m so embarrassed to even be writing about Mike Huckabee’s former campaign manager and GOP operative, Chip Saltsman, who is currently a candidate for RNC Chairman, creating and distributing a CD titled “Barack the Magic Negro” as part of his campaign.

Now look – I know that the comedian Paul Shanklin is a funny guy and has made many parody songs that serve as cannon fodder for the “right wing”, but this is just really in poor taste at this juncture. We’re just weeks from Obama’s inauguration – a celebratory time for all of America.

Even more importantly, is this really the direction that we want the GOP to take into the future? Playing off of stupid racial and stereotypical jokes? Playing to the lowest common denominator again? I thought we tried that – you know, let’s go after the immigrants, let’s go after the gays. That didn’t get us very far at all.

Even 22 hours after the story broke, I’m glad to see that lame-duck RNC Chairman Mike Duncan got off his ass and condemned this CD…which I would have expected sooner, given Duncan is running AGAINST Saltsman for the position. I guess he was maybe trying to feel out the fall-out. Heaven forbid one of these jokers stand up for something besides their own political ambitions.

The Republican Party must face it – politics of division is NOT a viable or successful strategy for short or long term victory.

And the thing that really haunts me? I understand this type of stupid, narrow minded stuff from the Strom Thurmond generation. Saltsman? He’s only 40.

Happy Holidays all,