Hello all,
I hope everybody’s 2009 is well on its way to a wonderful start. I know this is going to be the year that will mark some wonderful personal and professional advances for me, and hopefully you’ll share in that optimism too.

As a proud American, I too am looking forward to a fresh change and approach in Washington DC. That cloud of despondency is quickly moving over that enthusiasm for me, as I’m sure it is for everybody. The front pages of the paper for the last few days have been covering the continuing drama surrounding Mr. Obama’s picks and ties.

The Clinton’s are up to their no-good. Lots of money – unregulated and non-reportable – going to the Clinton Foundation circumventing the intent of disclosure laws while providing “grease” for legislation sponsored by Senator Clinton. That was today’s news…but it will be interesting to see if the hundreds of thousands of dollars contributed by several foreign nations to the WJC Foundation will result in any kind of foreign policy preferences by soon to be Secretary of State Clinton.

Governor Richardson removed himself from consideration for the nomination of Secretary of Commerce, over an investigation – again – over campaign finance. This particular investigation is back from 2004, but there were other complications to his nomination, most notably his inability to retire all of his presidential campaign debt from earlier in 2007 – an issue that plagues Sen. Clinton as well.

Of course, we’ve still got Governor Blagojevich’s scandal…and more information showing that soon to be White House COS Rahm Emmanuel had several conversations with the Governor over the choice.

Mr. Obama has just stepped off his plane into a firestorm of controversy – having nothing to do with the real issues facing America, like the economy, foreign policy, infrastructure, etc. His immediate attention must be placed in addressing the moral depravity of the individuals he is surrounding himself with. We trust that our governmental apparatus will be above temptation of money and greed. While we are all human and fail, Obama his a golden opportunity at this point in history – he has the true and genuine trust of confidence of the American people. This kind of political capital only is fresh and usable for the first few years of a presidential administration. Mr. Obama must decide if he’s going to use it to help institute change to help move America forward, or waste it trying to cover for a slew of appointments that will cast doubt on this management and leadership abilities.

Time will tell.