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Remember 2008? The political world was shaken to its core with the arrival of Barack Hussein Obama as a Man in Full… The skinny kid with a funny name went from unknown, to State Senator, to Democratic National Convention speechifier, to US Senator… to transisitional figure… to Democratic nominee for President, then President-elect…and now he is poised to take his place as the 44th President of the United States.

A million promises are made in any election cycle, in that respect – 2008 wasn’t different at all. The only real difference is that Obama’s cool, calm, collected, baritone voice convinced an awful lot of folks that he could deliver on the campaign trail promises. His campaign had few leaks, none of any significance. It showed a top-down message leader for the first time in at least a generation. No backstabbing consultant stories. Just the Big Man, leading the way.

Ah, how easy it once seemed. In the weeks since Obama’s was elected, there has been a steady drip, drip, drip of typical Potomac Two-Step shenanigans. First there were leaks about Hillary Clinton. Then about Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and Rod Blagojevich. Don’t forget Bill Richardson. And Roland Burris. Welcome to your new J-O-B, Barry. No Drama Obama was the pilot episode. Now, Obama-land is more “Tales of the Young, Restless, and the Cut-throat Inside the Beltway.”

No matter what Obama does, every story about Rod Blagojevich will bear his name. When the indictment comes down in April, the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs will spend a lot of time answering questions like, “What did he know? And when did he know it?”

Then, there is the taint of Bill Richardson – New Mexico Governor who apparently thought it was acceptable to string along Transition staff that were charged with vetting him. The reason this counts against Obama? Because the corruption investigation in New Mexico has been ongoing for months, and months, and months – its been reported widely. Staff really ought to Google folks being considered for top jobs. Chances are, if there are any big deal breakers – its on Google. If not, then proceed to step number 2 and ask for the financial and ethics disclosures… its not that hard. Just hire an opposition researcher to do vulnerability studies on the top 5 picks for each Cabinet & senior sub-cabinet post.

Seriously, for “No Drama Obama” – it seems like the Transition period has been nothing BUT drama.

All of that aside, there is one but of drama that Obama has been counting on. It is his big breakup with the Anti-war

Obamas Crazy Ex-girlfriend - Code Pink

Obama's Crazy Ex-girlfriend - Code Pink

Left. He is the dutiful boyfriend who can’t take her crazy anymore. He is about to break up with the Anti-War, Anti-WTO, Anti-Bush, Anti-USA Liberal Left. They all thought they were getting Barack Hussein Obama from Kenya. They were wrong.

America is getting Barry from Kansas and Hawaii. He’s more moderate. The crazy ex-girlfriend Anti-War Left is going to freak out. I promise, they’ll see something in him that won’t be good enough for Republicans – but he will govern in a way that is anathema to their “Chosen One.” They so idealized Obama – they forgot he is just a man. A politician. When Obama voted for retro-active immunity for the telecom companies that provided assistance to US intelligence agencies in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks — he meant it. Obama made strong statements in support of Israel while visiting there last year. Obama will govern on foreign affairs to left of Republicans, but far to the right of his crazy ex-girlfriend.

The No Drama age is over. There won’t be much of a honeymoon with his new mistress, the American People. President Obama is about to find out what demanding means. Fix the mid-east. Fix the economy. Fix healthcare. Fix job loss. Fix the broken US Congress. Fix it all, Barry. Take out the trash. Fill the potholes.

And no, you can’t just eat your waffle.

—Media Lizzy

Originally posted at Heading Right

PS:  Notably… Obama’s “waffle”  incident took place after he declined to expand on previous comments where he condemned  former President Carter’s decision to meet HAMAS., having already noted that while he would meet with States like Syria, or Iran – Hamas is purely a terrorist organization.  See video here.

And thanks to Joi for the fun movie poster!!!!