Happy MLK Day all,

While I was originally going to pen a piece on the apparent racism that exists within the RNC Chairman’s race, this news-flash popped up this morning and I just couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to write about on President Bush’s last day in office. This afternoon, President Bush commuted the sentences of the former US Border Patrol agents Ramos & Compean who were convicted of shooting a Mexican drug dealer when he was attempting to enter the United States illegally.

Now, Bush correctly didn’t pardon the men for their crimes – there was evidence tampering and cover-ups involved which made it worse for the individuals involved – but these men were doing what they were charged to do – protect the integrity of America’s borders against foreign agents and danger – which is EXACTLY what admitted drug smuggler Osvaldo Aldrete Davila was. Sometimes situations get a little messy, and in my opinion, these two men traded in their freedoms and lives to keep the drugs Davila was smuggling off the streets and destroying the lives of many many more people.

In a world that is dominated by enemy forces that consistently try to tear down America, we have a thin level of protection between the good and evil, and those who choose to dedicate their lives to the protection of all that this nation stands for deserve better treatment and laws that support their efforts to protect us, rather than make their jobs harder.