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I have two favorite moments this week.  The first, was President Barack Obama taking the Oath of Office – because it was a brief glimpse of the man.  Yes, just a man.  Chief Justice Roberts misplaced the word “faithfully” and Obama jumped the gun a bit… so it was flawed and human and if ever Obama was going to demonstrate he’s not the “The One” – despite Oprah’s plaintive cry last year in South Carolina asking if he was… Obama proved he is just a man.  (And, for you folks who think that leaves the door open to saying he isn’t President under the Constitution – he took the Oath a second time. Listen HERE. Now go back to bitching about his birth certificate. Which, in case you missed it, the US Supreme Court decided was authentic & real)

Which leads to my other favorite moment this week….

At the Neighborhood Ball, Beyonce belted out the Etta James classic “At Last.”   President & First Lady Michelle Obama danced together and it was a beautiful moment.  For all the world to see.  They are clearly in love, clearly comfortbale with their new roles and responsibilities, and for all the world to witness the moment was beyond meaning, historic, and significant.  It was about damn time.   Talk about a romantic date night.

Of course…. governance beckons.  There is the Middle East peace process, a fragile cease fire between Israel & Hamas, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to manage, the collapse of our domestic economy, Social Security is on the verge of crisis, healthcare and Medicaid are increasingly cumbersome – and necessary for some Americans, plus the Intelligence community needs strengthening and reform, and…and…and… it is all on Preisdent Obama’s shoulders now. 

As the stages are broken down in hotel ballrooms, at the National Building Museum, at the DC Armory and elsewhere across our fair City, shining brightly as ever… it is time to look at the successes and struggles for the 44th President.   We shall see if all that talk of bipartisanship and post-partisanship are realized.  We’ll look at Obama’s unlikely Republican partners and his break with some members of his own party.  Who is the “we” ???? 

Maegan Carberry, of course!  Check here and at her site for all the latest on the Obama Administration.  Woohoo!

—Media Lizzy