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Thanks to Siggy for the video… important to note second chances when they come, and from where they emanate.  Especially in light of this email out of SaveDarfur earlier today:

The violence in Darfur is intensifying. A military standoff in one village is threatening the lives of more than 30,000 civilians.

This looming catastrophe makes it starkly clear: it’s time that President Obama names a point person with the stature, mandate and authority to take charge of US efforts to end the violence in Darfur.

Click here to tell President Obama to appoint an “owner” of U.S. Sudan policy immediately!

The Darfuri village of Muhajiriyah is under siege by a massive buildup of Sudanese military forces, poised to strike against any remaining rebel elements in the town. Innocent men, women and children are caught in the crossfire.

This may be the largest battle in Darfur in more than a year, and the civilian casualties could be massive. In another ominous sign, the Sudanese government has refused to allow more UN peacekeepers access to the town. The new administration must name a person to lead U.S. efforts to resolve the larger Darfur conflict this crisis represents.

Every day without progress toward peace is measured in lives lost, so we must act today.

Send a loud and clear message to the White House: appoint and empower a top official with the responsibility of ending the conflict in Darfur.

Our constituency of conscience has proven that it can be a catalyst for profound change when it gathers enough voices. So after you’ve taken action, please don’t forget to urge friends and family to send their own note to the president.

This is the moment. This is our chance to help end the genocide. We can’t afford to squander this opportunity.


Suzie Armstrong
Save Darfur Coalition

The time for promises to be kept is here.  It’s not enough to appoint Susan Rice & Samantha Power into titled positions.  All the “hope” and “change” is meaningless if we don’t act now.

—Media Lizzy