Happy Valentine’s Day all,

I hope you are having a great weekend without too much crazy weather. We’ve been deluged with rain here in Los Angeles – something we’re not quite accustomed to having a lot of.

Before I sign off for the evening, I wanted to bring your attention to a quick article in the NY Times regarding GOP up-and-commer Rep. Eric Cantor (R- Richmond, VA). As you well know, Media Lizzy and I are big fans of the Minority Whip, but one of the best things about Rep. Cantor is that he actually is doing his job. Step by step, leaders like Cantor are bringing the Party together to stand up to the PORKULUS bill and other tax-and-spend legislation making it look like Christmas in February for liberal big-government types. I am confidant in the leadership of of Rep. Cantor and the election of Michael Steele is again a step in the right direction about getting the GOP House in order.

But the next step is always the big question, and the NYT article just brushes it gently – the GOP cannot be the Party of “no”. At some point, the Republican Party must present an alternate agenda with real (versus the make-believe plans of 2007/8) alternative plans. The GOP will need it as ammunition for 2010 and beyond. Gingrich had it in 1992/1993 – remember the 1994 Contract with America? Yeah, we need one right now. Something we can offer the American people as an alternative to Obama & Co. It’s not enough to ask Americans to choose between “Package A” and “Package No”.  Republicans really need a Package to give American’s a choice from.

It’s one thing to have the guns, but if you don’t have the ammunition, all you’ve got is a hollow vehicle. Damn…sounds a lot like the 2008 elections, right?

Have a great weekend all.