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Sure, there is all kinds of catastrophic news.  The Dow is at 6,800.  Obama is ticking people off.  The RNC Chairman called Rush an entertainer, and Rush gave a pretty great speech at CPAC (yes, even I must admit that) and many other clouds are gathering on the horizon. 

However, as I work on some tech stuff for HeadingRight today (and especially tonight) – I thought it important to remind myself, and others that in reality… we Americans are an exceptionally lucky lot.  As are our friends in other Western countries, where essentially – our individual identities are not restricted. Hidden. Or beaten out of us. 

I have been, and continue to be, one of the luckiest folks in the world.  I am an American.  I am free.  And my future is to a great degree, entirely in my hands.  What’s the big deal?  Well, I am no different than any other American.  We won the lottery when it comes to citizenship.  Our government, however flawed and bureaucracy laden, still looks out for her people.  Do not let the politics of the moment or particular election cycle get in the way of the facts. Truth will out, and Obama’s mis-characterizations will eventually erode the sheen off that high wattage, beautiful, shiny enamel smile.

In the meantime, I think it is worth noting that love survives turbulent times.  And sometimes, love is so great that we do not feel the turbulence around us.  We are grounded by our spouse or fiance, mother or father, friend, uncle, aunt, cousin… and while the world spins on, the Dow plunges, and troops ready their return home from Iraq – or hundreds of other stations around the world… those of us waiting on the dock, or on the tarmac, preserve a quiet place for love to flourish. 

Whatever leads the news tonight, remember this too shall pass.  That does not mean we don’t work, take action, organize, posture and execute… it simply means that we must remember to turn to the ones we love and say thank you. I love you. And, how do we fix this?  Build that intimate place, where truth, trust, and passion are sacred.

—Media Lizzy