Greetings all, Salutations for the fine city of Little Rock, Arkansas. I continue on my whirlwind travel escapade that is the month of March. I’m currently writing a review of CPAC, which wrapped up about a week ago, but while I’ve got some time this afternoon, I thought I’d pen a few thoughts on what seems to be the biggest GOP issue over the last month.

Would someone please explain to me why we’re STILL seeing Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele duke it out on the airwaves? I mean, this is really insane. At first, I really was curious why Michael Steele even would tangle with Rush, but then I thought about the things that Chairman Steele is not:

1.) Rich

2.) Powerful

3.) Influential

4.) Respected

5.) Well-spoken & motivational

Hummm…well, that summed it up real damn fast.

I’ll throw it out there that I’m not a huge Rush Limbaugh fan – but I was in the room and watched his speech at CPAC – the whole 1 1/2 hours of it. If you didn’t see it, I’d highly suggest watching the whole thing.

The crux of the matter, and any of you who work in the political communications sector will know this, is that Mr. Steele needs to hire a Communications Director/Spokesman for the RNC and let THAT person be the talking head. Mr. Steele spent a ton of money on his campaign to be the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, and his ‘prize’ has been inheriting a listless RNC, a worthless NRSC (Senate campaign arm) and a depressed NRCC (Congressional campaign arm). Steele needs to spend 100% of his time rebuilding a functional, principled Republican Party, from grass roots to grass-tops.

Mr. Steele cannot save the Republican Party alone – and the minute he makes his focus on rebuilding the infrastructure from the ravages of a tanked presidential campaign, the Party will start to make strides forward again. Let Rush, Anne, Sean, Bill, etc motivate and excite the base – Mr. Steele’s only responsibility is ensuring that the infrastructure and finances are in place to elect Republicans.

Have a great weekend, all.