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Happy Thursday all –

I’m sure many of you in DC are glad that the President is out of town at the moment…less motorcade congestion for you. Now that he’s out here in LALA-land, he’s our problem to deal with. Presidential visits are always exciting…although it feels a little weird for me having the President here in town without having the WH or the RNC call and ask me to assist with operations for a fundraiser, but I guess that’s just part of transition.

Tonight, President Obama will be utilizing one of the most powerful and potent forms of communication, bypassing the traditional news-feeds and talking-heads in the news-world – Obama is going on Leno.

The President’s visit to Burbank is not coincidental – he’s here to try to peddle the economic plan, make some light-hearted humor and continue to use one of his best personality traits – communication – to reassure American’s that he knows what he’s doing and to focus on the “long term”. Using the Leno/Letterman charm offense is risky, but can be extremely beneficial, and Obama has mastered these performances in the past. The viewer-ship of “The Tonight Show” rivals that of ANY news broadcast program – not to mention that it touches to a completely different audience. He’s cutting through the partisan chatter and communicates his position directly to middle-America. I also find it suspect that country music star Garth Brooks is the musical guest – further reinforcing Obama’s reach into traditional GOP constituencies.

Tonight after the airing of the show, I’ll pen some thoughts on his appearance. While some of these visits have the ability to go sour (anybody remember Bill Clinton and the saxophone performance?), Obama’s past use of these spots demonstrates a command of the medium. We’ll see how it goes.