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Remember the days of Bush Derangement Syndrome. the really ugly days after Hurricane Katrina hit NoLa & the Gulf Coast?

You know, when the Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco would not accept federal assistance until it was darn-near too late?  When she played politics with the lives of her people, but blamed everything on then-President George W. Bush?

And when he chose not to land, his critics screamed he hadn’t done the photo op? (Nevermind that he didn’t want to divert resources to his own security when the situation was so dire)

And when he made the remark that came to define the botched relief efforts in NoLa, “You’re doing a heckuva job, Brownie” – the Leftinistra, led by Rachel Maddow, went absolutely bat crazy.

Do I think the Bush administration handled the Katrina situation correctly? No.  But I also remember the facts.  The Democrat governor played politics with people’s lives, so that she could blame George W. Bush.  What happened in Lousiana after Katrina tells the real story.  Blanco was so disgraced that she could not even stand for reelection.  And Lousiana democrats lined up behind Republican Bobby Jindal and put him in office.  While I am not a big fan of Jindal’s when it comes to his presidential aspirations, he’s clearly been a competent and well-liked Governor.  presicisely because he cleaned up the mess left behind after Katrina.

Now… The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has released it’s budget projections, (h/t: Jake Tapper) and we’re going to be $2 TRILLION in hock, thanks to Obama’s economic strategy.

In 2001, our national defecit stood at $5.6 Trillion.  When Obama got elected it was $9 Trillion.  (an increase of $3.4 Trillion over eight years)  Today, the federal defecit is $12.1 Trillion, and rising.  That’s an increase of $3.1 Trillion.  If you add Obama’s budget, we’re hovering at the same amount of money in 60 DAYS that Bush & the US Congress spent over EIGHT YEARS.

There has been no Katrina or Rita on Obama’s watch.  No Iraq war.  No September 11th. 

Last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, President Obama noted the following, with regard to his Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner: “I think Geithner is doing an outstanding job.”

Outstanding?  Billions upon billions of dollars to AIG, Merrill Lynch, the Big 3 Automakers, and Geithner’s (and Hank Paulson’s) Christmas Card list.  Let’s not forget, Geithner was President of the New York Federal Reserve.  He was there – in the room – when a lot of the deals for AIG bonuses were cut.

Outstanding?  The American people have lost TRILLIONS in their own personal wealth – from stocks & financial instruments to their home values. 

I’d say Geithner is doing a “heckuva job.”

—Media Lizzy

Obama makes the comment at about 6:35 into this video: