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Last night, President Obama took his message directly to the people, free of the bubbles and filters that exist in Washington, DC and the newspeople that report from that perspective. Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” has a massive viewership – most of which are not the types who watch the Sunday morning talk shows, and a number that topped 20 million viewers. On Chris Matthews’ “Hardball” today, the communication value that Obama had, and the means he used to bypass the usual delivery methods in Washington was “absolutely invaluable”.

I’m going to bypass the issue that half of the news pundits are discussing today…the “honor” and “respect” that Jay and many of his entourage had. While it is commendable, and very notable having the leader of the free world on one’s show, and while I praise all involved in the level of respect and decorum that was given the President of the United States, Obama was clear on his message, and it was a dangerous one at that.

Once Obama started talking about policy, one thing kept ringing through my mind – “the ends justify the means.” The Congressional lynch-mob mentality of a 90% tax on the AIG bonus money…massive spending deficit…the lying and audacity of ‘plausible deniability’…all of it.

He did a good job though…he has a very good ability to boil down complex issues in simple ways to explain them to people – but President Obama be ware. You might find it easy to liken the credit crisis to repairing a car, but when the American public finally start holding you and Congressional Democrats accountable for the massive tax increases and deficit spending, don’t think you’ll be able to “make it simple” when you try to convince the middle/lower class that they won’t have to pay for it.

Americans aren’t stupid – sooner or later, they know that this extra $3 trillion on top of the $9 trillion we’re already in the hole will come due – just like their mortgages and credit card bills are coming due now. Americans are already feeling the crunch from having to juggle those payments – Mr. Obama, do you really think they’re going to be so receptive to your pleas for re-election in 2010 and 2012 when they’ll be reminded how much their share of $12 trillion will be? Americans aren’t stupid enough to believe that just the top 10% of the nation is going to be paying for all of this. Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice? That’s just not going to happen.

Have a great weekend, everybody.