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This is one of those brief posts, where the author opines on a personal level.  Here’s the thing, I have three massive articles that I’ve been working on.  Darfur, the Economy, and leadership.  Usually, that’s easy enough to crank out.  But – the Obama administration has really surprised me.  It’s all politics, all the time.  Democrats will say – oh, yeah well so was George W Bush. 

Well, that may have been true for some members of his administration.  And it certainly was true of both houses of Congress – under Democrat & Republican leadership.  It was not true of him personally.  I think that next year, when his book “Decision Points” comes out (thank you Bob Barnett for yet another high-powered deal) it will rock some folks back on their heels. 

In the meantime, as I finish up my three articles – and three weeks worth of paperwork, unreturned emails and phone calls (sorry Chris, Michael, Maegan, etc!) – I am ready for the best chapter in my life to begin.  I am quite possibly the luckiest girl in the world.

I would remind everyone that politics, policy, and breaking news are not more important than the people you love.  Family, love, and everyday, down-to-earth, non-digital relationships are what matters most. The world will keep turning if you take a few days off to make memories – fall in love – get married – renew vows – catch up with old friends – sleep late – or play with your kids and the dog.  Life is remarkably short and when you allow a little wonderment to creep in, to remind yourself how great it is just to be alive and loved, and to love in return… well, that’s the best.

So, I guess I’ll get back to my mound of paperwork.  But I’m personally thankful for my Beloved, my daughter, my amazing father and mother, my extremely festive family, and all things YaYa that we ladies in ‘the Fam’ share. 

Now, it’s back to Darfur, Obama, the economy, and thinking about leadership.  While I’m navigating the stack of papers and returning email – I’ll have my stereo cranked to 11.

—Media Lizzy