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It’s intense, apocolyptic and seriously sci-fi.  I won’t pretend to understand the genre.  There are plenty of film critics that knowing-aol-hot-seatwill dissect Nicolas Cage’s new film KNOWING.  It topped this weekend’s box office.  Our family enjoyed the amazing CGI effects, thought Cage was solid as ever – and even though the plot is rather unbelieveable… we liked it.

Something else cool happened though.  A couple of times, Nicolas Cage goes to his computer and on his desktop – is the AOL Hot Seat.  Along with about a dozen other folks, I am a contributor.  It goes by so fast that I couldn’t see which of us made the cut… but it was totally rockin! 

What’s cooler than that? The AOL Hot Seat made the trailer.

Knowing was worth the price of admission, and even a trip to the concession counter.  Can’t wait until its out on DVD, then maybe I’ll figure out which two AOL Hot Seat contributors made their big screen debut!!!!

Okay… back to the grind.

—Media Lizzy